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Power Of The Elements [POTE][edit]

Welcome to the Guild Wars Wikipage for the guild Power Of The Elements! This page only details the basics of our guild policy and structure, but you can visit us at our web forum for more information on topics such as our build strategies, mission/quest ideas, recruitment policy, and general information related to the guild.

Please see the bottom of the page for information regarding our allied guilds.


Our recruitment policy is fairly basic and focuses primarily on common sense. In general, we are looking for players that meet with, and agree to, the following qualifications:

1) Reasonably Active. Most people have busy lives, so if you only play once or twice a week for a couple of hours it is perfectly understandable. If you let us know the best time to find you online we will all do our best to meet up with you in-game.

2) Respect Others. Gaming is meant to be fun. No one likes to be treated poorly, so be courteous and do your best to keep your language clean. Swear filter or not, showing respect rarely involves bad language.

3) Work Together. Being a member of a guild is as much for utility as it is for socializing, so if you hear of a member in need, please offer to help them if you are able. Similarly, if you need help do not hesitate to ask for it.

4) Need Before Greed. While adventuring together you are likely to come across unique items that may not necessarily be useful to your character, but that might be a significant upgrade for a guildmate. Though there is no requirement to give them anything, please consider the needs of your guildmates as well as yourself.

5) Communicate. Sometimes the game can be frustrating or difficult, or perhaps you just want someone to chat with while you play. If you find yourself in a situation that bothers you, talk about it. A different perspective may be all that you need.

Note to the Guild[edit]

Power Of The Elements [POTE]
User Thracecius Guild Power Of The Elements cape.jpg
Years active 10
Territory America
Language English
Leader Belden Surestrike
World Sanctum Of Rall
Type PvE, PvP, WvW
No. of members 3
Time zone Pacific / Central / Eastern

We all want an active guild, so please keep an eye out for new players and veterans alike. If you need help please let me, or any of the officers, know. My contact information is on my user page linked below. Also, please make use of our Recruitment form and direct interested parties there for requesting membership in our guild.

Thanks, Belden Surestrike

Contact Information[edit]

All interested parties wishing to contact the guild will need to do so in-game or via our Recruitment form. For in-game contact, please speak with our guild leader, Belden Surestrike, or one of the officers listed below if they are available. Guild members can take your character's name and pass along your interest when they are able, but it is best to either speak directly with one of the persons mentioned above or to apply via our Recruitment form.

Thanks, Belden Surestrike

Guild Contacts:[edit]

Guild Leader:


  • N/A (rebuilding).

For our complete guild roster please see our Member Registry.

Allied Guilds[edit]

Below is the list of guild we actively cooperate with and consider allies. If you would like your guild to be considered for an alliance, please visit our web forum or contact our guild leader, Belden Surestrike, in-game.

  • N/A