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Current News:

We are Recruiting, Contact any of the Mentioned people in About In-game for an invite, we want you all, weak..strong..Sylvari..Human..Charr - Come one and all and Join FATW!- Soon to have Vent.

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Established During Headstart Access Period - By Fred Wong


We currently have:

Guild Stash. Guild Workshop. Guild Emblem Template. Guild Armorer. PvE & WvW buffs.

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Table of Contents[edit]

Members: (15)
Influence: (1524)
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Fighting Around the World [FATW] is an active Guild that originated in GW1. Originally founded by Cuts Like The Wind, FATW's GW2 incarnation was founded during the Headstart Access Period on Launch Day by Fred Wong, working on behest of the FATW GW1 membership. Some immediately invited players include: Ima Kong Fu Ninja, Fred Wong, and Thon Ghul. FOR INVITE: Mail Ithilian Ranger X, Fred wong, Cuts Like The Wind, or Thon Ghul! We are guild open to all levels of player activity, but we do kick members for extreme inactivity and lack of representing

We are building a guild with all possible luxuries and services. To insure that we succeed, any and all donations of coin or items are welcome! Deposit all donations in the guild vault or give them in the form of promoter influence. For the good of the guild, DONATE!


Kins Of Rurik: Fred Wong, Cuts Like The Wind
Minster O orge: Sir Greenthorn
Dungeon Minister: Thon Ghul
WvW minster: Moice
Guild Advisor: Sir Markan, Traze, Sojen
Guild Ole Guard (for experienced players):
Guild Guard (for regular, active players):
Guild Citizen (for casual players):

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Fred Wong


Fred Wong[edit]

Cuts Like The Wind[edit]

Ima Kong Fu Ninja (Sir Greenthorn)[edit]