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North America 70x40.png This user plays for the territory of North America.
User Tender Wolf Ritualist.png This user is a Ritualist by nature.
PvE This user plays PvE.
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K This user is a Kurzick.


  • Primary IGN: Seer Skogul
  • Real Name: Asia
  • Guild: Founder/Co-Leader of Aether Aura
  • Age: 23
  • Location: Massachusetts, USA (EST/GMT -5)

I'm a female freelance illustrator and fine artist. I'm engaged and own a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I play way too many videogames and live for lulz. I also infrequently blog about [gaming and geekery] when the mood strikes me.

I first got my hands on Guild Wars in the summer of 2005, a few months after it was officially released. I previously was a devout player of Ragnarok Online, but became jaded with the grindiness of it, as well as the need to pay $12 USD/mo to enjoy... or rather, later on, grind myself insane on it. At first, my computer was too lame to handle GW, so I had to snag my fiance's to play it... much to his chagrin. Eventually, with the release of factions, and my purchase of a new, much more powerful computer, I was back into GW and officially quit RO forever. I take breaks now and then, but I'm more or less a dedicated GW player at this point. I also play non-RPG games, most of which you can see if you check out my steamID and Xfire pages.


I got an honorable mention for my entry in the 2007 Wintersday Art Contest! See my entry here!

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of GW2, but will probably continue to play GW1 even after 2 is released officially.


  • Rt/N Seer Skogul (Primary)
  • W/Mo Ugly Valkyrie
  • P/W Keh Bab
  • D Dancing Sekhmet
  • Me/N Benne Gesserit
  • N/Mo Witch Haezel
  • A/Mo Renge Aoi
  • E Rock Zippo
  • r/E Blind Druid
  • Mo Sara Svahti


I run the guild Aether Aura [AURA]. I founded it within a month of first starting to play GW, way back when on my first character, my first Necromancer, Witch Haezel (the one I currently have is a remade character), in pre-searing Ascalon.

Aura isn't a major guild, and has no large aspirations to become a GvG ladder champion or to compete in tournaments or anything of the sort. I basically made the guild to be a larger friend list with more features, which it's performing as very well. I currently co-run it with my longtime friend and GW mate and we have fun doing a lot of PvE stuff and having /dance parties in various towns and outposts for hours on end, randomly conversing about anything under the sun.

We do, however, have a site and forum