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Hello All *wave*

My name is Siadina, and I am a Guild Wars a-holic! My time online at the moment is limited to a few sparse moments here and there, but never fear! In ohh about 2 months time I shall be online more than you can stand. *giggle*

Guild Wars

Ahh yes! With 2 titles left to go for GWAMM and a Tormented Weapon left for 50/50 in my heritage counter, I am in for the grind of my GW career! So tips, tricks, guides, and donations are all acceptable offerings! Thinking of going after Kurz (2.5 mill done), Lucky/Unlucky (rank 2 in each), or Wisdom/Treasure (a pitiful 1k each).

Guild Wars 2

Sylvari, ohh and a Sylvari, maybe an alt Sylvari, and can't forget the backup Sylvari! Followed by a human - common clothes! Then a NORN, female flavored with hopefully a full beard. Charr-mama with a Charr-zooka! And, to save the ridiculous for last, an Asuran Tank.


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