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Item TP buy price TP sell price
Square Fine Dye.png Adobe Sunset Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Black Cherry Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Blood Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Burgundy Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Charred Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Cherry Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Chestnut Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Cinders Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Coral Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Cotton Candy Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Crimson Lion Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Crush Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Demure Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Dusky Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Electro Peach Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Electro Pink Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Ember Red Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Enameled Anamnesis Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Enameled Crimson Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Enameled Sacrifice Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Enameled Strawberry Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Evening Red Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Flame Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Flush Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Fuchsia Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Heather Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Heirloom Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Hot Pink Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Humiliation Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Imperial Red Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Lava Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Lifesblood Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Lipstick Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Maroon Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Midnight Red Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Midnight Rose Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Mullberry Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Oxblood Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Pale Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Pastel Peach Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Pastel Pink Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Pastel Rose Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Persephone Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Pink Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Pink Ice Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Pink Tint Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Primrose Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Red Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Remembrance Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Rose Breeze Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Rose Ice Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Rose Shade Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Rose Tint Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Rosewood Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Royal Rose Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Ruby Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Scarlet Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Shadow Magenta Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Shadow Red Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Spitfire Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Strawberry Breeze Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Strawberry Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Sunrise Breeze Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Tulip Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Warmth Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Wrath Dye