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Item TP buy price TP sell price
Square Masterwork Dye.png Afternoon Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Amenity Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Autumn Sky Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Baby Blue Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Blue Ice Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Blue Rose Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Blue Shade Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Blue Sky Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Blue Steel Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Blueberry Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Breeze Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Brook Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Chalkboard Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Cobalt Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Country Blue Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Country Teal Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Cyanide Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Dapple Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Deep Glacial Sky Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Deep Teal Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Denim Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Dewdrop Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Dusty Grape Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Electro Blue Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Enameled Amenity Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Enameled Sky Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Enameled Solitude Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Eucalyptus Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Forgiveness Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Frost Breeze Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Frosted Sea Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Ghost Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Glacial Sky Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Glint's Purview Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Glint's Sanctuary Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Gunmetal Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Hush Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Hydrangea Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Lapis Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Midday Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Midnight Blue Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Midnight Ice Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Midnight Sky Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Night Air Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Nightsong Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Ocean Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Old Jeans Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Pastel Blue Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Pastel Sea Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Pastel Winter Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Phthalo Blue Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Powder Blue Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Regal Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Resolution Dye
Round Fine Dye.png River Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Robin Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Royal Blue Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Sapphire Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Sea Breeze Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Sea Frost Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Sea Green Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Sea Ice Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Seafoam Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Shadow Blue Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Shadow Turquoise Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Shiver Sky Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Shy Blue Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Sincerity Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Sky Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Spring Dew Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Spring Tide Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Spruce Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Starry Night Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Stream Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Summer Sky Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Tea Jeans Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Teal Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Turquoise Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Valor Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Winter Breeze Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Winter Frost Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Winter Ice Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Winter Sky Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Wintergreen Dye
Flame and Frost Dye.png Zaffre Dye