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Skins not released:


Number of current "Loot standalone weapons": 110


Article Icon Name Encounter Description id
Fixated Fixated.png Fixated Varies All attacks are being focused on you. Varies
Fixated Fixated.png Fixated Mai Trin Mai Trin is focused on you. 48533
Fixated (Underground Facility) Fixated.png Fixated Underground Facility All attacks are being focused on you. 35961
none Fixated.png Fixated Molten Furnace Core sentinel suit is fixated on you. Nimble Sentinel Suit: 56966
Protector Sentinel Suit: 56959
Fixated (Nightmare) Fixated.png Fixated Siax All attacks are being focused on you. 36998
Fixated (Underground Facility) Fixated.png Fixated Twilight Oasis All attacks are being focused on you. 35961[1]
Fixated (Solar Bloom) Fixated.png Fixated Skorvald All attacks are being focused on you. 39131
Fixated (Solar Bloom) Fixated.png Fixated Arkk ... 39928, 38985, 39558, 39131 [2]
Fixated (Fear) Fixated.png Fixated Ai, Keeper of the Peak ... 61304, 61306, 61503, 61566 [3]
Fixated Fixated.png Fixated Slothasor All attacks are being focused on you. 34508
Fixated (Keep Construct) Fixated.png Fixated Keep Construct All attacks are being focused on you. 34912
Fixated Fixated.png Fixated Soulless Horror All attacks are being focused on you. 47434
Fixated (Qadim the Peerless) and Peerless Fixated[4] Fixated.png Fixated Qadim the Peerless Qadim's attacks are focused on you. 56510
Skorvald's Ire Fixated.png Skorvald's Ire Skorvald ... 39531
Fixation Fixated.png Fixation Conjured Amalgamate[5] A conjured minion is focusing on you. 52943
Fixation (Conjured Warrior) Fixated.png Fixation Conjured Amalgamate[6] This minion is focused on someone. 52395
Fixate: Guldhem Fixate (Guldhem).png Fixate: Guldhem Samarog ... 38223
Fixate: Rigom Fixate (Rigom).png Fixate: Rigom Samarog ... 37693
Fixate: Samarog Fixated.png Fixate: Samarog Samarog ... 37868
  1. ^ Shares the same effect as Underground Facility
  2. ^ 39928 South, 38985 West, 39131 East and 39558 North.
  3. ^ There might be a different id for each individual fear spawned.
  4. ^ The correct name is "Fixated", so the second article is wrong.
  5. ^ The link from MO is generic for "fixation" and likely shouldn't link here. This is found on players from warriors from CA. Check if swords also give?
  6. ^ Found first on warriors, saw one on swords but didn't check