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Items with suspicious stats and descriptions.

Name Rarity Reason MF Acquisition Description/Notes
Pile of Pink Sand Exotic Does nothing. No Southsun Cove Seems to be food.
Pile of Golden Sand Exotic Does nothing. No Metal Forest Seems to be food.
Ulgoth's Tail (fine) Fine Low stats Yes Ulgoth's chest
Sentinel's Bane (fine) Fine Low stats Yes Destroyer's chest
Fertilizer Pouch Master Low stats Yes Mystic Forge You never know when this may come in handy. (When? For what?)
Earring of Strength Master Low stats Yes Mystic Forge
Earring of Heartiness Master Low stats Yes Mystic Forge
Precise Ring Master Low stats Yes ???
Toy Stuffed Bear Rare Low level rare Yes Event vendor
Dena's Lucky Rabbit Feet Basic 6 colors match bags Yes Dena (3 can be used in the mystic forge. Unknown 4th item. Mystic Forge Stones do not work.)
Colored Leather Bags Basic 6 colors match rabbit feet No Level 1-10 champions
Shining Pendant Basic No stats Yes ??? This appear to only be the left/right piece of a pendant. (Two pieces of an item?)
White Coral Ring Basic No stats, set Yes ??? Set of 3 similar rings. Can't be used together in the mystic forge.
Blue Coral Ring Fine No stats, set Yes ???
Purple Coral Ring Master No stats, set Yes ???
Order of Whispers Secret Code Various Shady messages Yes Various
Order of Whispers Secret Note Fine Shady code Yes Fisherman Carter "B2 12 89 12 92"
Order of Whispers Secret Message 4 Masterwork Shady code Innkeeper Klement "31 254 13 56"
Order of Whispers Secret Message 5 Masterwork Shady code Farmer Griss "31 31 51 67 85"
Order of Whispers Secret Badge F, M Undercover Agent Tulfar


  • Low-stat high level items with standard stat counterparts are probably the result of an item generation bug.