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  • Water Mace:
    • Works a bit like the Celestial Avatar. Players are not meant to have it in their hands for long. Equp, use, discard.
    • Heals self and on the area when conjured. Stacking both heals on self heals about 90% of signet of restorations healing.
    • Holding it gives Compassion and Concentration, and pulses a very small self regeneration effect half of soothing mist.
    • #1 Is ground targeted. It throws a mace like a stick grenade. It deals deals a bit of damage to up to 5 enemies and heals in an area to up to 5 allies.
    • #2 Creates a water spring that pulses for 4 seconds haling allies, and it's a water field.
    • #3 Summons a large mass of water that falls on the targeted group, causing stun and a some damage on up to 5 enemies, and dealing regeneration to up to 5 allies. Blast finisher.
    • #4 Creates a soothing mist that slowly chases the selected target (enemy or ally) for 10 seconds, cleansing conditions from allies on its way while removing Might and Fury from enemies.
    • #5 Creates a Maelstrom. Enemies trying to move away from the center are pushed to the center, on the center, it dazes enemies for 0.5s every 2 seconds. Every time a Maelstrom interrupts a target or damages a defiance bar, it heals up to 5 allies in its area.
    • Ice bow stops healing, instead a water arrow, it fires sharper ice arrows that deal bleeding and shatter dealing bleeding to 2 other targets near the target hit.
    • Ice bow also stops giving healing power. It gives Expertise instead.