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Welcome to my User page.

Personal Info[edit]

Name: Thomas van Tol

Home: Huizen, The Netherlands (Holland).

Major Hobby's: Gaming, watching tv, and basketball. I also have some minor hobby's but that are just too many to name.

What do I like[edit]

Games: Guild Wars, Grand Theft Auto, Battlefield, Command & Conquer, Warcraft III, Halo, NBA Live, Final Fantasy and a LOT of other games.

TV Series: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Prison Break, Heroes.

Movies: The Matrix, Independence Day, Face-Off, Lord of the Rings, Rush Hour, and a lot of other movies.

Opinions on Guild Wars 1[edit]

I like Guild Wars very much, the feeling that it gives, the friendly players you can have in a guild, it just has so many good things. As far i can tell i have yet to see a really really bad thing.

Guild Wars Rankings List:

  • 1: Prophecies: This is just a great edition, nice story, large map, lot of variety, nice areas.
  • 2: Eye of the North: Though it is short, it is great. nice areas, dungeons are cool, the enemies are nicely done.
  • 3: Factions: nice story, enemies are cool, nice areas, (will I ever say bad areas?:P) great cultures.
  • 4: Nightfall: again, nice story, nice areas. I like a desert now and then, but not that much.

Note on Factions and Nightfall: You may be surprised that Factions is one place higher than Nightfall. I have seen that there are some people that hate factions and I really don't know why. Nightfall is a good game, but I just like the asian culture much more than the north african one.

Opinions on Guild Wars 2[edit]

So far I see this is gonna be a great game and it feels like a new experience to me. The fact that it feels like a new experience to me is maybe because I have never played World of Warcraft, I like Warcraft, but I think it's just not worth my money to pay monthly for a game.

I really like the idea of multiple playable races, I can finally play another race than a human.

I think I am gonna be an Asura first, because they are so cool, and they're neutral to the other races. Then a Charr, I just like large beasts, (I wanted to be a Tauren in WoW if it wasn't monthly payment) and they're cool, and Pyre is just really cool I almost always take him with me.

After that, I am gonna choose a Norn or a Human.

I don't know about Sylvari yet, they sound like elves, and I don't really like elves.


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