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Magic, Protector of the Pulse

About me:[edit]

Name is Magic (aka Sacred). I've been with Guild Wars since Prophecies beta. I favor PvE with a bit of WvW. You'll typically find me in lower level zones helping out new comers to the game or running jumping puzzles. I don't play dungeons often unless I need a specific dungeon reward. I love completing fractals, with an experienced group or PUGs. Not a fan of Legendaries. The concept of having a unique, hard to acquire skin is appealing; however, that much time and that much money to acquire an "ascended" weapon is a waste. I also have one of every character and all are level 80.

I prefer to play Guardian or Elementalist. Both of which are named after my characters from Guild Wars 1. I'm more of a support player when it comes to builds. Kind of sad that Monk didn't make its way into GW2 but the healing of the Elementalist and the protection of the Guardian seem to keep me satisfied.

To find me in-game, whisper/mail/party "emullins.7369".

-- -- Magic User Magic Icon.jpg Talk 21:39, 17 June 2016 (UTC)

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