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Braska's Son
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Biography Eagle-Eye Goggles.png
My most useful tool is my Eagle-Eye Goggles. Nothing sees the world more clearly then a soaring eagle. These goggles allow me to see just as well.

Biography Dignity.png
Trouble may follow, but I use my dignity to overcome it. I'm dignified even when up to my ears in mud. It's what makes people respect me. A serious, thoughtful demeanor is the route to success.

Biography Street Rat.png
I grew up poor, on the streets, living hand to mouth. Every day was a challenge, but like I tell my ol' buddy Quinn, "If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger." I've worked hard to change my luck, but I've still got a long way to go.
Biography Dead Sister.png
My sister was a Seraph. Centuars Killed her while she was out on patrol. They never recovered her body, and it has always bothered me.
Biography Lyssa.png
Everyone said I was blessed by Lyssa when I was young. Lyssa wears many masks. She is the dual-faced goddess of beauty, water and illusion. She is the patron of the most attractive and graceful among us. Her blessings have touched me all my life.
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