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General weapon sets[edit]

Basic weapons
Glyphic weapons
Krytan weapons
Shiverpeak weapons
Steam weapons
Orrian weapons
Aureate weapons
Flame weapons
Norn weapons
Verdant weapons
Ceremonial weapons
Etched weapons
Legionnaire weapons
Tribal weapons
Bronze weapons
Iron weapons
Bandit weapons
Steel weapons
Dredge weapons
Darksteel weapons
Beaded weapons
Ogre weapons
Godskull weapons
Mithril weapons
Krait weapons
Pearl weapons
Destroyer weapons
Corrupted weapons
Mystic weapons
Modniir weapons
Ebon Vanguard weapons
Lionguard weapons
Pirate weapons
Adamant Guard weapons
Peacemaker's weapons
Seraph weapons
Warden weapons
Wolfborn weapons
Priory's Historical weapons
Vigil's Honor weapons
Whisper's Secret weapons
Pact weapons
Royal Ascalonian weapons
Golden weapons
Nightmare weapons
Dark Asuran weapons
Molten weapons
Kodan weapons
Inquest weapons
Weapons of the Dragon's Deep
Hall of Monuments weapon skins
Fractal weapon skins
Guild weapons
Super weapon skins
Zenith weapon skins
Aetherized weapons
Sovereign weapon skins
Calcite Antique weapons
Citrine Antique weapons
Cobalt Antique weapons
Crimson Antique weapons
Terracotta Antique weapons
Violet Antique weapons
Viridian Antique weapons
King Toad's weapon skins
Storm Wizard's weapon skins
Weapons of the Sunless
Aetherized Nightmare weapons
Hero's weapons
Mistforged Hero's weapons
Ambrite weapons
Pinnacle weapon skins
Reclaimed weapons
Auric weapons
Chak weapons
Plated weapons
Machined weapons
Gold Fractal weapons
Shimmering weapons
Tenebrous weapons
White Mantle weapons
Kaiser Snake weapons
Carnival weapons
Wrapped weapons
Crimson Assassin weapon skins
Elonian weapons
Sunspear weapons
Awakened weapons
Mordant weapons
Funerary weapons
Haunted weapons
Astral weapons
Stellar weapons
Obsidian weapons
Obsidian weapons#Slumbering Obsidian weapons
Mistforged Obsidian weapons
Mistforged Obsidian weapons#Slumbering Mistforged Obsidian weapons
Zephyrite weapons
Divine Sovereign weapons

General standalone weapons[edit]

Type Name Chat link Trading post
Axe Faithful.png Faithful
Axe Jaws of Death.png Jaws of Death
Axe Knot of Justice.png Knot of Justice
Axe Labrys.png Labrys
Axe Maw of the Damned.png Maw of the Damned
Axe Ophidian.png Ophidian
Dagger Claws of the Desert.png Claws of the Desert
Dagger Glimmerfang.png Glimmerfang
Dagger Kenshi's Wing.png Kenshi's Wing
Dagger Malefacterym.png Malefacterym
Dagger Moonshank.png Moonshank
Dagger Soulshard.png Soulshard
Dagger Usoku's Needle.png Stinger
Dagger Usoku's Needle.png Usoku's Needle
Mace Droknar's Forgehammer.png Droknar's Forgehammer
Mace Fixer Upper.png Fixer Upper
Mace Kevin.png Kevin
Pistol Handheld Disaster.png Handheld Disaster
Pistol Master Blaster.png Master Blaster
Pistol Ruinmaker.png Ruinmaker
Scepter Anura.png Anura
Scepter Coldsnap.png Coldsnap
Scepter Emberglow.png Emberglow
Scepter Hypnotic Scepter.png Hypnotic Scepter
Scepter Oikoumene.png Oikoumene
Scepter Tsunami.png Tsunami
Sword Ak-Muhl's Jaw.png Ak-Muhl's Jaw
Sword Alderune's Last Stand.png Alderune's Last Stand
Sword Crystalline Blade.png Crystalline Blade
Sword Honor of Humanity.png Honor of Humanity
Sword Twin Sisters.png Twin Sisters
Sword Winged Spatha.png Winged Spatha
Focus Adam.png Adam
Focus Arcanus Obscurus.png Arcanus Obscurus
Focus Corrupted Fragment.png Bloodseeker
Focus Chalice of the Gods.png Chalice of the Gods
Focus Infinite Wisdom.png Infinite Wisdom
Focus Mojo.png Mojo
Focus X7-10 Alpha.png X7-10 Alpha
Shield Grimward.png Grimward
Shield Guardian of the Six.png Guardian of the Six
Shield Jora's Defender.png Jora's Defender
Shield Kryta's Embrace.png Kryta's Embrace
Shield Shield of the Moon.png Shield of the Moon
Shield Shield of the Wing.png Shield of the Wing
Torch Combustion.png Combustion
Torch Firelighter.png Firelighter
Warhorn Kodanroar.png Kodanroar
Warhorn Siren's Call (weapon).png Siren's Call
Warhorn The Hunt.png The Hunt
Warhorn Tinwail.png Tinwail
Warhorn Windstorm.png Windstorm
Greatsword Ebonblade.png Ebonblade
Greatsword Breath of Flame.png Breath of Flame
Greatsword Dhuumseal.png Dhuumseal
Greatsword Khrysaor, the Golden Sword.png Khrysaor, the Golden Sword
Greatsword Kymswarden.png Kymswarden
Greatsword Skybringer.png Skybringer
Hammer Black Fleet Bludgeon.png Black Fleet Bludgeon
Hammer Magmaton.png Magmaton
Hammer Remnant of Ascalon.png Remnant of Ascalon
Hammer The Briny Deep.png The Briny Deep
Hammer The Punisher.png The Punisher
Hammer The Ugly Stick.png The Ugly Stick
Longbow Bow of the White Hart.png Bow of the White Hart
Longbow Droknar's Recurve Bow.png Droknar's Recurve Bow
Longbow Eir's Longbow.png Eir's Longbow
Longbow Final Curse.png Final Curse
Longbow Legionnaire Longbow.png Ganadriva
Longbow Éibhear Dunn.png Éibhear Dunn
Rifle Azure Railgun.png Azure Railgun
Rifle Charrzooka (weapon).png Charrzooka
Rifle Sarraceniaceae.png Sarraceniaceae
Rifle Super Hyperbeam Alpha.png Super Hyperbeam Alpha
Rifle Vera.png Vera
Short bow Avirdanag.png Avirdanag
Short bow Bow of the Pale Stag.png Bow of the Pale Stag
Short bow Droknar's Short Bow.png Droknar's Short Bow
Short bow Eir's Short Bow.png Eir's Short Bow
Short bow Éibhear Finn.png Éibhear Finn
Staff Bramblethorne.png Bramblethorne
Staff Deathwish.png Deathwish
Staff Delusion.png Delusion Account Bound
Staff Emberspire.png Emberspire
Staff Imryldyeen.png Imryldyeen
Staff Memory of the Sky.png Memory of the Sky
Staff Silence.png Silence
Harpoon gun Vera.png Blastmaster 3000
Harpoon gun The Stingray.png The Stingray
Harpoon gun Urchin's Needles.png Urchin's Needles
Spear Al'ir'aska.png Al'ir'aska
Spear Dragonfury.png Dragonfury
Spear Dragonspine.png Dragonspine
Spear Nitro.png Nitro
Trident Peasant's Solution.png Peasant's Solution
Scepter Shard of the Deep.png Shard of the Deep
Scepter Zhaitan's Reach.png Zhaitan's Reach
Focus Foulbear Lucky Feathers.png Foulbear Lucky Feathers
Focus Wisteria.png Wisteria
Shield Call of the Commissar.png Call of the Commissar
Staff Final Rest.png Final Rest
Axe Dreadwing.png Dreadwing
Axe Kryta's Salvation.png Kryta's Salvation
Axe Phoenix Talon.png Phoenix Talon
Dagger Jormag's Needle.png Jormag's Needle
Dagger Orichalcum Harvesting Sickle.png Reaper of Souls
Dagger Tear of Grenth.png Tear of Grenth
Scepter Eye of Rodgort.png Eye of Rodgort
Scepter Immobulus.png Immobulus
Scepter Lidless Eye.png Lidless Eye
Sword Infinite Light.png Infinite Light
Sword Jormag's Breath.png Jormag's Breath
Sword Rusttooth.png Rusttooth
Sword Stygian Blade.png Stygian Blade
Sword Unspoken Curse.png Unspoken Curse
Focus Accursed Chains.png Accursed Chains
Focus Ambrosia.png Ambrosia
Focus Cooguloosh.png Cooguloosh
Focus Courage.png Courage
Focus Flux Matrix.png Flux Matrix
Focus Large Skull.png Gaze
Focus Charged Fragment.png Glint's Scale
Focus Wurm Hunt Souvenir Stein.png Goblet of Kings
Focus Godswalk Enchiridion.png Godswalk Enchiridion
Focus Heart of Mellaggan.png Heart of Mellaggan
Focus Malice (effect).png Malice
Focus Seasatchel.png Seasatchel
Focus Song of the Numberless Pack.png Song of the Numberless Pack
Focus Spirit Links.png Spirit Links
Focus Squeedily Spooch.png Squeedily Spooch
Focus Crystal Core.png The Anomaly
Torch The Fate of Menzies.png The Fate of Menzies
Greatsword Naegling.png Naegling
Longbow Wings of Dwayna.png Wings of Dwayna
Short bow Feathers of Dwayna.png Feathers of Dwayna
Staff Melandru's Gaze.png Melandru's Gaze
Spear Illusion (spear).png Illusion
Trident Mirage (weapon).png Mirage
Axe Titans' Vengeance.png Titans' Vengeance
Shield Cragstone.png Cragstone
Greatsword Volcanus.png Volcanus
Hammer Mjölnir.png Mjölnir
Short bow Wintersbite.png Wintersbark
Longbow Wintersbite.png Wintersbite
Axe Reaver of the Mists.png Reaver of the Mists
Pistol Lyssa's Gaze.png Ilya
Pistol Lyssa's Gaze.png Lyss
Scepter Abyssal Scepter.png Abyssal Scepter
Sword Whisperblade.png Whisperblade
Shield Wall of the Mists.png Wall of the Mists
Greatsword Vision of the Mists.png Vision of the Mists
Harpoon gun Urchin's Needles.png Urchin's Needles
Spear Ignus Fatuus.png Ignus Fatuus
Shield Eidolon.png Eidolon
Greatsword Foefire's Essence.png Foefire's Essence
Hammer Foefire's Power.png Foefire's Power
Short bow Aether.png Aether
Longbow Aether.png Azureflame
Focus Chalice of the Gods.png Charr Meatoberfest Chalice Account Bound
Shield Ash Legion Shield.png Ash Legion Shield Account Bound
Shield Blood Legion Shield (Level 5).png Blood Legion Shield Account Bound
Shield Iron Legion Shield.png Iron Legion Shield Account Bound
Greatsword Jotun Greatsword.png Jotun Greatsword Account Bound
Axe Guild Cleaver.png Guild Axe Account Bound
Pistol Guild Pistol.png Guild Pistol Account Bound
Shield Guild Shield.png Guild Shield Account Bound
Longbow Guild Longbow.png Guild Longbow Account Bound
Rifle Guild Rifle.png Guild Rifle Account Bound
Short bow Guild Longbow.png Guild Short Bow Account Bound
Staff Guild Staff.png Guild Staff Account Bound
Harpoon gun Guild Rifle.png Guild Speargun Account Bound
Staff The Crossing.png The Crossing
Shield The Mad Moon.png The Mad Moon
Short bow Arachnophobia.png Arachnophobia
Dagger Wooden Dagger.png Wooden Dagger Skin
Scepter Princess Wand.png Princess Wand Skin
Sword Toy Sword.png Toy Sword Skin
Focus Choir Bell.png Bell Focus Skin
Hammer Candy-Cane Hammer.png Candy-Cane Hammer Skin
Rifle Pop Gun.png Pop Gun Skin
Short bow Slingshot.png Slingshot Skin
Staff Toy Staff.png Toy Staff Skin
Axe Beacon of Light.png Beacon of Light
Axe Phoenix Reborn.png Phoenix Reborn
Axe Truth.png Truth
Dagger Anton's Boot Blade.png Anton's Boot Blade
Dagger Komalie's Sacrificial Blade.png Komalie's Sacrificial Blade
Mace Shiverstone.png Shiverstone
Scepter Combustion (scepter).png Combustion
Scepter Scepter of the Highborn.png Scepter of the Highborn
Sword Bonetti's Rapier.png Bonetti's Rapier
Sword Lord Taeres's Shadow.png Lord Taeres's Shadow
Sword Twin Talons.png Twin Talons
Focus King's Remembrance.png King's Remembrance
Focus Knowledge is Power.png Knowledge is Power
Focus Stein of Celebratory Beer.png Poyaqui's Noggin
Shield Guild Defender.png Guild Defender
Torch Occultist Flame.png Occultist Flame
Torch Razah's Nightmare.png Razah's Nightmare
Warhorn Cutthroat Caller.png Cutthroat Caller
Warhorn Song of the Temptress.png Song of the Temptress
Greatsword Cobalt.png Cobalt
Greatsword Crystal Guardian.png Crystal Guardian
Hammer Entropy.png Entropy
Hammer Genesis.png Genesis
Hammer Mecha Anchor.png Mecha Anchor
Longbow Arc.png Arc
Longbow Arthropoda.png Arthropoda
Rifle Exterminator.png Exterminator
Rifle Levvi's Detector.png Levvi's Detector
Short bow Crustacea.png Crustacea
Short bow Stardust.png Stardust
Staff Monsoon.png Monsoon
Harpoon gun X6-31 Beta.png X6-31 Beta
Spear Impaler.png Impaler
Trident Rockweed Spire.png Rockweed Spire
Rifle Annelid Rifle.png Annelid Rifle Skin
Rifle Scarlet's Kiss.png Scarlet's Kiss
Rifle Scarlet's Rainbow.png Scarlet's Rainbow
Back item Spinal Blade Pack.png Spinal Blade Pack Account Bound
Back item Twin Spinal Blades.png Twin Spinal Blades Account Bound
Back item Quad Spinal Blades.png Quad Spinal Blades Account Bound
Back item Advanced Spinal Blades.png Advanced Spinal Blades Account Bound
Back item Tempered Spinal Blades.png Tempered Spinal Blades Account Bound
Back item Dynamic Tempered Spinal Blades.png Dynamic Tempered Spinal Blades Account Bound
Back item Static Tempered Spinal Blades.png Static Tempered Spinal Blades Account Bound
Back item Synergetic Tempered Spinal Blades.png Synergetic Tempered Spinal Blades Account Bound
Back item Mysterious Vine.png Mysterious Vine Account Bound
Back item Cultivated Vine.png Cultivated Vine Account Bound
Back item Mawdrey (Infused).png Mawdrey Account Bound
Focus Eternal Sands.png Eternal Sands
Torch Welding Torch.png Sinister Welding Torch
Dagger Kingmaker.png Kingmaker
Mace Arkhalos.png Arkhalos
Pistol Dandy Bluster.png Dandy Bluster
Sword Augury of Death (weapon).png Augury of Death
Shield Opulent Defender.png Opulent Defender
Hammer Might of Brauer.png Might of Brauer
Longbow Great Capra.png Great Capra
Rifle Velocitas Eradico.png Velocitas Eradico
Hammer Lightward's Battlehammer.png Berserker's Lightward's Battlehammer
Staff Lightward's Battlestaff.png Berserker's Lightward's Battlestaff
Pistol Ley Guard's Revolver.png Berserker's Ley Guard's Revolver
Shield Berserker's Ley Guard's Protector.png Berserker's Ley Guard's Protector
Warhorn Berserker's Flow.png Berserker's Flow
Sword Berserker's Ebb.png Berserker's Ebb
Axe Mordrem Cleaver.png Berserker's Mordrem Cleaver
Sword Mordrem Saber.png Berserker's Mordrem Saber
Greatsword Mordrem Warblade.png Berserker's Mordrem Warblade
Longbow Mordrem Warbow.png Berserker's Mordrem Warbow
Staff Seer's Warstaff.png Berserker's Seer's Warstaff
Staff Azimuth.png Azimuth
Back item Bough of Melandru.png Bough of Melandru Account Bound
Axe Faithful.png Bloodbound Axe Account Bound
Dagger Moonshank.png Bloodbound Dagger Account Bound
Mace Fixer Upper.png Bloodbound Mace Account Bound
Pistol Ruinmaker.png Bloodbound Pistol Account Bound
Scepter Coldsnap.png Bloodbound Scepter Account Bound
Sword Honor of Humanity.png Bloodbound Sword Account Bound
Focus Chalice of the Gods.png Bloodbound Focus Account Bound
Warhorn Tinwail.png Bloodbound Warhorn Account Bound
Torch Firelighter.png Bloodbound Torch Account Bound
Shield Jora's Defender.png Bloodbound Shield Account Bound
Greatsword Ebonblade.png Bloodbound Greatsword Account Bound
Hammer Bronze Hammer.png Bloodbound Hammer Account Bound
Longbow Éibhear Dunn.png Bloodbound Longbow Account Bound
Rifle Vera.png Bloodbound Rifle Account Bound
Short bow Éibhear Finn.png Bloodbound Short Bow Account Bound
Staff Bramblethorne.png Bloodbound Staff Account Bound
Spear Dragonspine.png Bloodbound Spear Account Bound
Back item Novice's Pack.png Novice's Pack Account Bound
Back item Scholar's Pack.png Scholar's Pack Account Bound
Back item Magister's Pack.png Magister's Pack Account Bound
Back item Initiate's Pack.png Initiate's Pack Account Bound
Back item Agent's Pack.png Agent's Pack Account Bound
Back item Lightbringer's Pack.png Lightbringer's Pack Account Bound
Back item Recruit's Pack.png Recruit's Pack Account Bound
Back item Crusader's Pack.png Crusader's Pack Account Bound
Back item Warmaster's Pack.png Warmaster's Pack Account Bound
Back item Auric Backplate.png Auric Backplate Account Bound
Back item Luminate's Backplate.png Luminate's Backplate Account Bound
Sword Broken Caladbolg.png Broken Caladbolg Account Bound
Axe Vassago.png Vassago
Pistol Nightwing.png Nightwing
Scepter Nest.png Nest
Hammer Pumpkin Smasher.png Pumpkin Smasher
Greatsword Oni Blade.png Oni Blade
Back item Blood Ruby Backpack.png Blood Ruby Backpack Account Bound
Greatsword Mistwild Greatsword.png Mistwild Greatsword Skin Account Bound
Back item Lava Skull Backpack.png Lava Skull Backpack Account Bound
Staff Destroyer Scythe.png Great Destroyer's Talon Account Bound
Pistol Grim Pact.png Grim Pact
Focus Jailbroken.png Jailbroken
Hammer Onus.png Onus
Back item Icebrood Horn Backpack.png Icebrood Horn Backpack Account Bound
Dagger Nightmare Anelace.png Nightmare Anelace Skin Account Bound
Sword Nightmare Thornblade.png Nightmare Thornblade Skin Account Bound
Focus Nightmare Corsage.png Nightmare Corsage Skin Account Bound
Shield Nightmare Nettleguard.png Nightmare Nettleguard Skin Account Bound
Dagger Caustic Nightmare Anelace.png Caustic Nightmare Anelace Skin Account Bound
Sword Caustic Nightmare Thornblade.png Caustic Nightmare Thornblade Skin Account Bound
Focus Caustic Nightmare Corsage.png Caustic Nightmare Corsage Skin Account Bound
Shield Caustic Nightmare Nettleguard.png Caustic Nightmare Nettleguard Skin Account Bound
Shield Seraph Protector.png Seraph Seraph Protector Account Bound
Staff Seraph Bloodstone Savant's Staff.png Seraph Bloodstone Savant's Staff Account Bound
Back item White Mantle Scroll.png White Mantle Scroll Account Bound
Dagger Caladbolg Solana.png Caladbolg Solana Account Bound
Scepter Caladbolg Iridi.png Caladbolg Iridi Account Bound
Sword Caladbolg Rosa.png Caladbolg Rosa Account Bound
Shield Caladbolg Astera.png Caladbolg Astera Account Bound
Greatsword Caladbolg Orchida.png Caladbolg Orchida Account Bound
Greatsword Caladbolg Origin.png Caladbolg Origin Account Bound
Back item Druid Stone.png Druid Stone Account Bound
Back item Living Druid Stone.png Living Druid Stone Account Bound
Back item Blooming Druid Stone.png Blooming Druid Stone Account Bound
Back item The Wayfarer's Henge.png The Wayfarer's Henge Account Bound
Back item Relic of Balthazar.png Relic of Balthazar Account Bound
Back item Relic of Dwayna.png Relic of Dwayna Account Bound
Back item Relic of Grenth.png Relic of Grenth Account Bound
Back item Relic of Lyssa.png Relic of Lyssa Account Bound
Back item Relic of Melandru.png Relic of Melandru Account Bound
Back item Relic of Abaddon.png Relic of Abaddon Account Bound
Scepter Feline Holoscepter.png Decalibrated Feline Holoscepter Account Bound
Dagger Forged Dagger.png Forged Dagger
Greatsword Forged Greatsword.png Forged Greatsword
Hammer Forged Greathammer.png Forged Hammer
Longbow Forged Bow.png Forged Bow
Staff Forged Staff.png Forged Staff
Back item Banners of Amnoon.png Banners of Amnoon Account Bound
Back item Banners of the Sunspear.png Banners of the Sunspear Account Bound
Back item Banners of King Palawa Joko I.png Banners of King Palawa Joko I Account Bound
Back item Sagacious Banners of Dynastic Reckoning.png Banners of Dynastic Reckoning Account Bound
Axe Stonespite Cleaver.png Stonespite Cleaver of Severance
Dagger Final Sting.png Final Sting of Severance
Shield Gate of Good-Byes.png Gate of Good-Byes of Severance
Hammer Might of the Vindictive.png Might of the Vindictive of Severance
Staff Staff of the Lost.png Staff of the Lost of Severance
Mace Sikandar.png Sikandar Account Bound
Scepter Antonina.png Antonina Account Bound
Torch Touch of Madness.png Touch of Madness
Axe Randa's Eviscerator.png Randa's Eviscerator
Focus Asef's Brew.png Asef's Brew
Rifle Barud's Blunderbuss.png Barud's Blunderbuss
Staff Darkspear.png Darkspear
Staff Sunscythe.png Sunscythe
Staff Sunspear Standard.png Sunspear
Dagger Phase Scalpel.png Phase Scalpel
Torch Olmakhan Beacon.png Olmakhan Beacon
Hammer Inquest Mega-Spanner.png Inquest Mega-Spanner
Staff Inquest Tuning Rod.png Inquest Tuning Rod
Back item Inquest Device.png Inquest Device Account Bound
Back item Inquest Apparatus.png Inquest Apparatus Account Bound
Back item Inquest Mechanism.png Inquest Mechanism Account Bound
Back item Mark Y Golem.png Mark Y Golem Account Bound
Axe Mistcleaver.png Mistcleaver Account Bound
Mace Mistrender.png Mistrender Account Bound
Hammer Mistbreaker.png Mistbreaker Account Bound
Back item Banner of the Commander.png Banner of the Commander Account Bound
Back item Ascended Banner of the Dauntless Commander.png Ascended Banner of the Dauntless Commander Account Bound
Back item Beetle Incubator.png Beetle Incubator Account Bound
Sword Scion's Claw.png Scion's Claw Account Bound
Torch Favor of the Colossus.png Favor of the Colossus Account Bound
Greatsword Eclipse.png Eclipse Account Bound
Shield Branded Eye of Argon.png Branded Eye of Argon
Staff Staff of the Inevitable.png Staff of the Inevitable Account Bound
Axe Revenge.png Revenge
Dagger The Cure.png The Cure
Sword Soul Conductor.png Soul Conductor
Torch Touch of Fog.png Touch of Fog Account Bound

Black Lion standalone weapons[edit]

Type Name Chat link Trading post
Dagger Severed Dagger.png Severed Dagger Skin
Sword Chain Sword Skin 2.png Chain Sword Skin
Shield Ghastly Grinning Shield Skin 2.png Ghastly Grinning Shield Skin
Greatsword Greatsaw Greatsword Skin 2.png Greatsaw Greatsword Skin
Rifle Grinning Gourd Rifle.png Grinning Gourd Rifle Skin
Staff Scythe Staff Skin 2.png Scythe Staff Skin
Axe Shark's Tooth Axe.png Shark's Tooth Axe Skin
Sword Shark's Tooth Sword.png Shark's Tooth Sword Skin
Focus Consortium Clipper Focus.png Consortium Clipper Focus Skin
Shield Tiki Totem Shield.png Tiki Totem Shield Skin
Axe Winter's Cutter.png Winter's Cutter Axe Skin
Dagger Winter's Needle.png Winter's Needle Dagger Skin
Pistol Winter's Sting.png Winter's Sting Pistol Skin
Sword Winter's Slice.png Winter's Slice Sword Skin
Shield Winter's Shelter.png Winter's Shelter Shield Skin
Greatsword Winter's Edge.png Winter's Edge Greatsword Skin
Hammer Winter's Brunt.png Winter's Brunt Hammer Skin
Longbow Winter's Reach.png Winter's Reach Longbow Skin
Short bow Winter's Arc.png Winter's Arc Short Bow Skin
Staff Winter's Timber.png Winter's Timber Staff Skin
Sword Silly Scimitar.png Silly Scimitar Skin
Shield Dead Stop Shield.png Dead Stop Shield Skin
Greatsword Chiroptophobia Greatsword.png Chiroptophobia Greatsword Skin
Longbow Araneae Longbow.png Araneae Longbow Skin
Staff Bloody Prince Staff.png Bloody Prince Staff Skin
Staff Candelabra Staff.png Candelabra Staff Account Bound