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Hello, This is Kuulpb, and This is my Guild-Wars-2-Wiki Page. Please Feel Free to Browse My Pages and add to my talk.


In Guild Wars, I am preparing character names for [|Guild Wars 2]. So here is a Small insight into what my characters are and will be for Guild wars 2.

The Catalus Family[edit]

Here is the

The Charr[edit]

Here is the Name of the Charr Character I hope to create, again, yet to think of a surname that links.

Felix/Sylvester - Necromancer = GW1. Necromancer = GW2.

The Norn[edit]

Same As Before... I really need to think.

Storm - Monk or Ritualist = GW1. Guardian = GW2.

The Asura[edit]

Sprite - Elementalist = GW1. Elementalist = GW2.

The Sylvari[edit]

Hazel/ Or Something - Assassin = GW1. Thief = GW2.

About Me[edit]

I Like the Thought of Role-Play, but more to do with either "Make-It-Up" on the Spot, kind of, or "Scripted for a movie" RP. Many will not think this as role-playing, but I believe it is. But Please do not comment that "You Don't Know How To Role-Play" or stuff like that.

I am Male. I atm, Play on 2 characters I want to delete before GW2 as i don't need their names.

Althea Yang Teo
Livia Zu Heltzer.

When I have enough characters then I will finish my HoM which is around 21-23/30 full or 21-23/50 for those who include titles only.