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Kroff, also known as Christopher, has been part of the Guild Wars story for about five years. During gameplay, he would usually run around in the Great Temple of Balthazar, being a nuissance to every traveller he meets. He has been called a troll countless times as a result of his accidental spamming, since he did not mean to be an annoyance to others. He currently plays on his paragon character, Sunspear Morgrim. For additional information about the character, converse with the player, himself, while he is online.

When it comes to Guild Wars 2, Kroff enjoys taking part in wikipedia discussions by giving his own opinion on the subjects. The following pieces of information excite Kroff in terms of Guild Wars 2:
  • The professions and their revealing cycle.
  • Being able to name a character after his username.
  • Spending countless hours gaining levels.
  • Spending countless amounts of gold on new armour.
  • Earning rewards from the Hall of Monuments.
  • Hoping that he can create an NCsoft account with his Guild Wars 2 account name, since his Guild Wars account name was taken previously and he did not know the password to it.
  • Being able to stand up and say, "I love this game!"
Kroff awaits the launch of Guild Wars 2 so that his exciting wishes can come true. Until that time comes, he will continue to join in on discussions on Guild Wars 2 wikipedia pages. He also asks that if anybody does wish to speak with him on his character, Sunspear Morgrim, feel free to ask him any questions involving his status on Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, but he forbids them from harassing him about his works.