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Inventing random names is easy. Inventing the right name, however, can try the patience of even an elf.

— Sapphira Bjartskular

This is an ongoing project to provide appropriate character name suggestions to people of all races and professions.

How to use this naming tool[edit]

Simply choose a first name from the appropriate list for your gender and race, and then then choose a suitable last name from the list your profession.

For First Names:

See the list of Last Names


  • The Asura typically only use first names. They find it disgraceful to have two names, and so if you desire more names for your Asuran characters, make sure that it sounds like a valid title an Asura might have. (e.g. Master Zokk, or Zokk Flamecaller)
  • Your suggestions are welcome! Simply add your names in to the appropriate place, or put them on the discussion page here.

A special thanks to...[edit]

Nick and Josh for their help in creating this project! (as well as all of the wiki contributors)