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The story of creation

  • Day 1: ArenaNet created pages and text, and saw that it was good.
  • Day 2: Users began flocking to the wiki and creating articles.
  • Day 3: As the community began to grow, so did the userspace.
  • Day 4: The wiki was made more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Day 5: Khenmu joins the community out of curiosity.
  • Day 6: Khenmu actually edits a page on the wiki!
  • Day 7: Khenmu develops a social life and forgets the wiki exists.
Necromancer 80 Vanahk Human Male The Durmand Priory
Guardian 80 Avarr Frostshield Norn Male The Vigil
Mesmer 54 Phantasmal Seer Human Male The Order of Whispers
Warrior 33 Gharaz Ragemauler Charr Male The Vigil
Revenant 32 Eydis Gunnarsdottir Norn Female.png The Order of Whispers
Ranger 31 Nebtuu Sylvari Male
Engineer 29 Detha Grimsteel Charr Female.png
Elementalist 25 Lilliana Monteclair Human Female.png
Thief 20 Lurrdl Asura Male