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Years ago, I was an active contributor to GuildWiki, as well as administrator; my activity dropped shortly after the birth of Guild Wars Wiki (for unrelated reasons), and today, I am inactive on either one, and indeed, rarely played Guild Wars. With the advent of Guild Wars 2, I'm once again racking up quite a few hours of gametime; I'm still much less wiki-active than ages past, but I'm looking forward to helping out as needed, once the initial mad helter-skelter of game launch has died down.

Need to get in touch with me? You can drop a message on my talk page, or send me an email directly. Alternately, look me up in-game; my display name is Jio Derako, with my main character name being Zenami Tsuiraku. Why would you want to contact me? I'm still quite experienced with wiki-coding, particularly table formatting and some more advanced templating, as well as CSS coding. I'm also a digital artist, working with both 2D digital painting and 3D modelling. I'm also a pretty amazing person in general, and once I've earned up enough guild influence, my guild will have an awesome logo, which I'm sure you'd love to display on your armor. Plenty of reasons to get in touch with me, as you can clearly see.

To-Do: collecting exotic armor images where needed (assuming there's anything missing still), and maybe prettying up my userpage here a bit.