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Crafting info: Weaponsmith


Giver's Bronze Axe25
Giver's Bronze Dagger25
Giver's Bronze Greatsword25
Giver's Bronze Hammer25
Giver's Bronze Mace25
Giver's Bronze Shield25
Giver's Bronze Spear25
Giver's Bronze Sword25
Healing Bronze Axe25
Healing Bronze Dagger25
Healing Bronze Greatsword25
Healing Bronze Hammer25
Healing Bronze Mace25
Healing Bronze Shield25
Healing Bronze Spear25
Healing Bronze Sword25
Minor Sigil of Benevolence25
Precise Bronze Axe25
Precise Bronze Dagger25
Precise Bronze Greatsword25
Precise Bronze Hammer25
Precise Bronze Mace25
Precise Bronze Shield25
Precise Bronze Spear25
Precise Bronze Sword25
Resilient Bronze Axe25
Resilient Bronze Dagger25
Resilient Bronze Greatsword25
Resilient Bronze Hammer25
Resilient Bronze Mace25
Resilient Bronze Shield25
Resilient Bronze Spear25
Resilient Bronze Sword25
Healing Bronze Axe50
Healing Bronze Dagger50
Healing Bronze Greatsword50
Healing Bronze Hammer50
Healing Bronze Mace50
Healing Bronze Shield50
Healing Bronze Spear50
Healing Bronze Sword50
Malign Bronze Axe50
Malign Bronze Dagger50
Malign Bronze Greatsword50
Malign Bronze Hammer50
Malign Bronze Mace50
Malign Bronze Shield50
Malign Bronze Spear50
Malign Bronze Sword50
Mighty Bronze Axe50
Mighty Bronze Dagger50
Mighty Bronze Greatsword50
Mighty Bronze Hammer50
Mighty Bronze Mace50
Mighty Bronze Shield50
Mighty Bronze Spear50
Mighty Bronze Sword50
Minor Sigil of Destroyer Slaying50
Precise Bronze Axe50
Precise Bronze Dagger50
Precise Bronze Greatsword50
Precise Bronze Hammer50
Precise Bronze Mace50
Precise Bronze Shield50
Precise Bronze Spear50
Precise Bronze Sword50
Resilient Bronze Axe50
Resilient Bronze Dagger50
Resilient Bronze Greatsword50
Resilient Bronze Hammer50
Resilient Bronze Mace50
Resilient Bronze Shield50
Resilient Bronze Spear50
Resilient Bronze Sword50
Vital Bronze Axe50
Vital Bronze Dagger50
Vital Bronze Greatsword50
Vital Bronze Hammer50
Vital Bronze Mace50
Vital Bronze Shield50
Vital Bronze Spear50
Vital Bronze Sword50
Hunter's Iron Axe75
Hunter's Iron Dagger75
Hunter's Iron Greatsword75
Hunter's Iron Hammer75
Hunter's Iron Mace75
Hunter's Iron Shield75
Hunter's Iron Spear75
Hunter's Iron Sword75
Minor Sigil of Doom75
Minor Sigil of the Night75
Ravaging Iron Axe75
Ravaging Iron Dagger75
Ravaging Iron Greatsword75
Ravaging Iron Hammer75
Ravaging Iron Mace75
Ravaging Iron Shield75
Ravaging Iron Spear75
Ravaging Iron Sword75
Simple Sharpening Stone75
Vigorous Iron Axe75
Vigorous Iron Dagger75
Vigorous Iron Greatsword75
Vigorous Iron Hammer75
Vigorous Iron Mace75
Vigorous Iron Shield75
Vigorous Iron Spear75
Vigorous Iron Sword75
Hearty Iron Axe100
Hearty Iron Dagger100
Hearty Iron Greatsword100
Hearty Iron Hammer100
Hearty Iron Mace100
Hearty Iron Shield100
Hearty Iron Spear100
Hearty Iron Sword100
Honed Iron Axe100
Honed Iron Dagger100
Honed Iron Greatsword100
Honed Iron Hammer100
Honed Iron Mace100
Honed Iron Shield100
Honed Iron Spear100
Honed Iron Sword100
Minor Sigil of Strength100
Rejuvenating Iron Axe100
Rejuvenating Iron Dagger100
Rejuvenating Iron Greatsword100
Rejuvenating Iron Hammer100
Rejuvenating Iron Mace100
Rejuvenating Iron Shield100
Rejuvenating Iron Spear100
Rejuvenating Iron Sword100
Strong Iron Axe100
Strong Iron Dagger100
Strong Iron Greatsword100
Strong Iron Hammer100
Strong Iron Mace100
Strong Iron Shield100
Strong Iron Spear100
Strong Iron Sword100
Giver's Iron Axe125
Giver's Iron Dagger125
Giver's Iron Greatsword125
Giver's Iron Hammer125
Giver's Iron Mace125
Giver's Iron Shield125
Giver's Iron Spear125
Giver's Iron Sword125
Hearty Bandit Cleaver125
Hearty Bandit Demolisher125
Hearty Bandit Mallet125
Hearty Bandit Shiv125
Hearty Bandit Slicer125
Hearty Bandit Spear125
Hearty Bandit Sunderer125
Hearty Bandit Ward125
Hearty Iron Axe125
Hearty Iron Dagger125
Hearty Iron Greatsword125
Hearty Iron Hammer125
Hearty Iron Mace125
Hearty Iron Shield125
Hearty Iron Spear125
Hearty Iron Sword125
Honed Bandit Cleaver125
Honed Bandit Demolisher125
Honed Bandit Mallet125
Honed Bandit Shiv125
Honed Bandit Slicer125
Honed Bandit Spear125
Honed Bandit Sunderer125
Honed Bandit Ward125
Honed Iron Axe125
Honed Iron Dagger125
Honed Iron Greatsword125
Honed Iron Hammer125
Honed Iron Mace125
Honed Iron Shield125
Honed Iron Spear125
Honed Iron Sword125
Hunter's Bandit Cleaver125
Hunter's Bandit Demolisher125
Hunter's Bandit Mallet125
Hunter's Bandit Shiv125
Hunter's Bandit Slicer125
Hunter's Bandit Spear125
Hunter's Bandit Sunderer125
Hunter's Bandit Ward125
Hunter's Iron Axe125
Hunter's Iron Dagger125
Hunter's Iron Greatsword125
Hunter's Iron Hammer125
Hunter's Iron Mace125
Hunter's Iron Shield125
Hunter's Iron Spear125
Hunter's Iron Sword125
Minor Sigil of Benevolence125
Ravaging Bandit Cleaver125
Ravaging Bandit Demolisher125
Ravaging Bandit Mallet125
Ravaging Bandit Shiv125
Ravaging Bandit Slicer125
Ravaging Bandit Spear125
Ravaging Bandit Sunderer125
Ravaging Bandit Ward125
Ravaging Iron Axe125
Ravaging Iron Dagger125
Ravaging Iron Greatsword125
Ravaging Iron Hammer125
Ravaging Iron Mace125
Ravaging Iron Shield125
Ravaging Iron Spear125
Ravaging Iron Sword125
Rejuvenating Bandit Cleaver125
Rejuvenating Bandit Demolisher125
Rejuvenating Bandit Mallet125
Rejuvenating Bandit Shiv125
Rejuvenating Bandit Slicer125
Rejuvenating Bandit Spear125
Rejuvenating Bandit Sunderer125
Rejuvenating Bandit Ward125
Rejuvenating Iron Axe125
Rejuvenating Iron Dagger125
Rejuvenating Iron Greatsword125
Rejuvenating Iron Hammer125
Rejuvenating Iron Mace125
Rejuvenating Iron Shield125
Rejuvenating Iron Spear125
Rejuvenating Iron Sword125
Strong Bandit Cleaver125
Strong Bandit Demolisher125
Strong Bandit Mallet125
Strong Bandit Shiv125
Strong Bandit Slicer125
Strong Bandit Spear125
Strong Bandit Sunderer125
Strong Bandit Ward125
Strong Iron Axe125
Strong Iron Dagger125
Strong Iron Greatsword125
Strong Iron Hammer125
Strong Iron Mace125
Strong Iron Shield125
Strong Iron Spear125
Strong Iron Sword125
Vigorous Bandit Cleaver125
Vigorous Bandit Demolisher125
Vigorous Bandit Mallet125
Vigorous Bandit Shiv125
Vigorous Bandit Slicer125
Vigorous Bandit Spear125
Vigorous Bandit Sunderer125
Vigorous Bandit Ward125
Vigorous Iron Axe125
Vigorous Iron Dagger125
Vigorous Iron Greatsword125
Vigorous Iron Hammer125
Vigorous Iron Mace125
Vigorous Iron Shield125
Vigorous Iron Spear125
Vigorous Iron Sword125
Hunter's Steel Axe150
Hunter's Steel Dagger150
Hunter's Steel Greatsword150
Hunter's Steel Hammer150
Hunter's Steel Mace150
Hunter's Steel Shield150
Hunter's Steel Spear150
Hunter's Steel Sword150
Minor Sigil of Destroyer Slaying150
Ravaging Steel Axe150
Ravaging Steel Dagger150
Ravaging Steel Greatsword150
Ravaging Steel Hammer150
Ravaging Steel Mace150
Ravaging Steel Shield150
Ravaging Steel Spear150
Ravaging Steel Sword150
Standard Sharpening Stone150
Vigorous Steel Axe150
Vigorous Steel Dagger150
Vigorous Steel Greatsword150
Vigorous Steel Hammer150
Vigorous Steel Mace150
Vigorous Steel Shield150
Vigorous Steel Spear150
Vigorous Steel Sword150
Hearty Steel Axe175
Hearty Steel Dagger175
Hearty Steel Greatsword175
Hearty Steel Hammer175
Hearty Steel Mace175
Hearty Steel Shield175
Hearty Steel Spear175
Hearty Steel Sword175
Honed Steel Axe175
Honed Steel Dagger175
Honed Steel Greatsword175
Honed Steel Hammer175
Honed Steel Mace175
Honed Steel Shield175
Honed Steel Spear175
Honed Steel Sword175
Minor Sigil of Doom175
Rejuvenating Steel Axe175
Rejuvenating Steel Dagger175
Rejuvenating Steel Greatsword175
Rejuvenating Steel Hammer175
Rejuvenating Steel Mace175
Rejuvenating Steel Shield175
Rejuvenating Steel Spear175
Rejuvenating Steel Sword175
Strong Steel Axe175
Strong Steel Dagger175
Strong Steel Greatsword175
Strong Steel Hammer175
Strong Steel Mace175
Strong Steel Shield175
Strong Steel Spear175
Strong Steel Sword175
Giver's Iron Sword200
Giver's Steel Axe200
Giver's Steel Dagger200
Giver's Steel Greatsword200
Giver's Steel Hammer200
Giver's Steel Mace200
Giver's Steel Shield200
Giver's Steel Spear200
Hearty Dredge Barricade200
Hearty Dredge Bloodletter200
Hearty Dredge Bonehewer200
Hearty Dredge Edge200
Hearty Dredge Flanged Mace200
Hearty Dredge Pulverizer200
Hearty Dredge Spear200
Hearty Dredge Sunderer200
Hearty Steel Axe200
Hearty Steel Dagger200
Hearty Steel Greatsword200
Hearty Steel Hammer200
Hearty Steel Mace200
Hearty Steel Shield200
Hearty Steel Spear200
Hearty Steel Sword200
Honed Dredge Barricade200
Honed Dredge Bloodletter200
Honed Dredge Bonehewer200
Honed Dredge Edge200
Honed Dredge Flanged Mace200
Honed Dredge Pulverizer200
Honed Dredge Spear200
Honed Dredge Sunderer200
Honed Steel Axe200
Honed Steel Dagger200
Honed Steel Greatsword200
Honed Steel Hammer200
Honed Steel Mace200
Honed Steel Shield200
Honed Steel Spear200
Honed Steel Sword200
Hunter's Dredge Barricade200
Hunter's Dredge Bloodletter200
Hunter's Dredge Bonehewer200
Hunter's Dredge Edge200
Hunter's Dredge Flanged Mace200
Hunter's Dredge Pulverizer200
Hunter's Dredge Spear200
Hunter's Dredge Sunderer200
Hunter's Steel Axe200
Hunter's Steel Dagger200
Hunter's Steel Greatsword200
Hunter's Steel Hammer200
Hunter's Steel Mace200
Hunter's Steel Shield200
Hunter's Steel Spear200
Hunter's Steel Sword200
Major Sigil of Strength200
Ravaging Dredge Barricade200
Ravaging Dredge Bloodletter200
Ravaging Dredge Bonehewer200
Ravaging Dredge Edge200
Ravaging Dredge Flanged Mace200
Ravaging Dredge Pulverizer200
Ravaging Dredge Spear200
Ravaging Dredge Sunderer200
Ravaging Steel Axe200
Ravaging Steel Dagger200
Ravaging Steel Greatsword200
Ravaging Steel Hammer200
Ravaging Steel Mace200
Ravaging Steel Shield200
Ravaging Steel Spear200
Ravaging Steel Sword200
Rejuvenating Dredge Barricade200
Rejuvenating Dredge Bloodletter200
Rejuvenating Dredge Bonehewer200
Rejuvenating Dredge Edge200
Rejuvenating Dredge Flanged Mace200
Rejuvenating Dredge Pulverizer200
Rejuvenating Dredge Spear200
Rejuvenating Dredge Sunderer200
Rejuvenating Steel Axe200
Rejuvenating Steel Dagger200
Rejuvenating Steel Greatsword200
Rejuvenating Steel Hammer200
Rejuvenating Steel Mace200
Rejuvenating Steel Shield200
Rejuvenating Steel Spear200
Rejuvenating Steel Sword200
Strong Dredge Barricade200
Strong Dredge Bloodletter200
Strong Dredge Bonehewer200
Strong Dredge Edge200
Strong Dredge Flanged Mace200
Strong Dredge Pulverizer200
Strong Dredge Spear200
Strong Dredge Sunderer200
Strong Steel Axe200
Strong Steel Dagger200
Strong Steel Greatsword200
Strong Steel Hammer200
Strong Steel Mace200
Strong Steel Shield200
Strong Steel Spear200
Strong Steel Sword200
Vigorous Dredge Barricade200
Vigorous Dredge Bloodletter200
Vigorous Dredge Bonehewer200
Vigorous Dredge Edge200
Vigorous Dredge Flanged Mace200
Vigorous Dredge Pulverizer200
Vigorous Dredge Spear200
Vigorous Dredge Sunderer200
Vigorous Steel Axe200
Vigorous Steel Dagger200
Vigorous Steel Greatsword200
Vigorous Steel Hammer200
Vigorous Steel Mace200
Vigorous Steel Shield200
Vigorous Steel Spear200
Vigorous Steel Sword200
Carrion Darksteel Axe225
Carrion Darksteel Dagger225
Carrion Darksteel Greatsword225
Carrion Darksteel Hammer225
Carrion Darksteel Mace225
Carrion Darksteel Shield225
Carrion Darksteel Spear225
Carrion Darksteel Sword225
Knight's Darksteel Axe225
Knight's Darksteel Dagger225
Knight's Darksteel Greatsword225
Knight's Darksteel Hammer225
Knight's Darksteel Mace225
Knight's Darksteel Shield225
Knight's Darksteel Spear225
Knight's Darksteel Sword225
Major Sigil of Benevolence225
Quality Sharpening Stone225
Valkyrie Darksteel Axe225
Valkyrie Darksteel Dagger225
Valkyrie Darksteel Greatsword225
Valkyrie Darksteel Hammer225
Valkyrie Darksteel Mace225
Valkyrie Darksteel Shield225
Valkyrie Darksteel Spear225
Valkyrie Darksteel Sword225
Assassin's Darksteel Axe250
Assassin's Darksteel Dagger250
Assassin's Darksteel Greatsword250
Assassin's Darksteel Hammer250
Assassin's Darksteel Mace250
Assassin's Darksteel Shield250
Assassin's Darksteel Spear250
Assassin's Darksteel Sword250
Beaded Bastion250
Beaded Claymore250
Beaded Crusher250
Beaded Greataxe250
Beaded Lacerator250
Beaded Lancea250
Beaded Morning Star250
Beaded Spike250
Berserker's Darksteel Axe250
Berserker's Darksteel Dagger250
Berserker's Darksteel Greatsword250
Berserker's Darksteel Hammer250
Berserker's Darksteel Mace250
Berserker's Darksteel Shield250
Berserker's Darksteel Spear250
Berserker's Darksteel Sword250
Cleric's Darksteel Axe250
Cleric's Darksteel Dagger250
Cleric's Darksteel Greatsword250
Cleric's Darksteel Hammer250
Cleric's Darksteel Mace250
Cleric's Darksteel Shield250
Cleric's Darksteel Spear250
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