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Crafting info: Artificer


Apothecary's Auric Focus400
Apothecary's Auric Scepter400
Apothecary's Auric Staff400
Apothecary's Pearl Conch400
Apothecary's Pearl Quarterstaff400
Apothecary's Pearl Rod400
Apothecary's Pearl Trident400
Apothecary's Primordus Focus400
Apothecary's Primordus Scepter400
Apothecary's Primordus Staff400
Apothecary's Primordus Trident400
Assassin's Auric Focus400
Assassin's Auric Scepter400
Assassin's Auric Staff400
Assassin's Pearl Conch400
Assassin's Pearl Quarterstaff400
Assassin's Pearl Rod400
Assassin's Pearl Trident400
Assassin's Primordus Focus400
Assassin's Primordus Scepter400
Assassin's Primordus Staff400
Assassin's Primordus Trident400
Berserker's Auric Focus400
Berserker's Auric Scepter400
Berserker's Auric Staff400
Berserker's Pearl Conch400
Berserker's Pearl Quarterstaff400
Berserker's Pearl Rod400
Berserker's Pearl Trident400
Berserker's Primordus Focus400
Berserker's Primordus Scepter400
Berserker's Primordus Staff400
Berserker's Primordus Trident400
Bringer's Pearl Conch400
Bringer's Pearl Quarterstaff400
Bringer's Pearl Rod400
Bringer's Pearl Trident400
Carrion Auric Focus400
Carrion Auric Scepter400
Carrion Auric Staff400
Carrion Pearl Conch400
Carrion Pearl Quarterstaff400
Carrion Pearl Rod400
Carrion Pearl Trident400
Carrion Primordus Focus400
Carrion Primordus Scepter400
Carrion Primordus Staff400
Carrion Primordus Trident400
Cavalier's Pearl Conch400
Cavalier's Pearl Quarterstaff400
Cavalier's Pearl Rod400
Cavalier's Pearl Trident400
Cleric's Auric Focus400
Cleric's Auric Scepter400
Cleric's Auric Staff400
Cleric's Pearl Conch400
Cleric's Pearl Quarterstaff400
Cleric's Pearl Rod400
Cleric's Pearl Trident400
Cleric's Primordus Focus400
Cleric's Primordus Scepter400
Cleric's Primordus Staff400
Cleric's Primordus Trident400
Commander's Pearl Conch400
Commander's Pearl Quarterstaff400
Commander's Pearl Rod400
Commander's Pearl Trident400
Crusader Auric Focus400
Crusader Auric Scepter400
Crusader Auric Staff400
Crusader Pearl Conch400
Crusader Pearl Quarterstaff400
Crusader Pearl Rod400
Crusader Pearl Trident400
Dire Pearl Conch400
Dire Pearl Quarterstaff400
Dire Pearl Rod400
Dire Pearl Trident400
Giver's Pearl Conch400
Giver's Pearl Quarterstaff400
Giver's Pearl Rod400
Giver's Pearl Trident400
Greater Potion of Auric Attunement400
Greater Potion of Tangled Attunement400
Greater Potion of Verdant Attunement400
Handcrafted Bent Circuit (level 51)400
Handcrafted Discharging Pole (level 60)400
Handcrafted Eagle's Perch400
Handcrafted Gladium Prod (level 51)400
Handcrafted Impulse Spire (level 51)400
Handcrafted Nucleus (level 60)400
Handcrafted Runerod (level 60)400
Handcrafted Stagsign400
Handcrafted Yew Rod400
Inscription of the Spearmarshal400
Knight's Auric Focus400
Knight's Auric Scepter400
Knight's Auric Staff400
Knight's Pearl Conch400
Knight's Pearl Quarterstaff400
Knight's Pearl Rod400
Knight's Pearl Trident400
Knight's Primordus Focus400
Knight's Primordus Scepter400
Knight's Primordus Staff400
Knight's Primordus Trident400
Magi's Pearl Conch400
Magi's Pearl Quarterstaff400
Magi's Pearl Rod400
Magi's Pearl Trident400
Marauder Auric Focus400
Marauder Auric Scepter400
Marauder Auric Staff400
Marauder Pearl Conch400
Marauder Pearl Quarterstaff400
Marauder Pearl Rod400
Marauder Pearl Trident400
Master Tuning Crystal400
Minstrel's Pearl Conch400
Minstrel's Pearl Quarterstaff400
Minstrel's Pearl Rod400
Minstrel's Pearl Trident400
Multicolored Ooze Tonic400
Mystery Tonic400
Mystery Tonic400
Mystery Tonic400
Plaguedoctor's Pearl Conch400
Plaguedoctor's Pearl Quarterstaff400
Plaguedoctor's Pearl Rod400
Plaguedoctor's Pearl Trident400
Powerful Potion of Centaur Slaying400
Powerful Potion of Demon Slaying400
Powerful Potion of Destroyer Slaying400
Powerful Potion of Dredge Slaying400
Powerful Potion of Elemental Slaying400
Powerful Potion of Flame Legion Slaying400
Powerful Potion of Grawl Slaying400
Powerful Potion of Halloween Slaying400
Powerful Potion of Ice Brood Slaying400
Powerful Potion of Inquest Slaying400
Powerful Potion of Krait Slaying400
Powerful Potion of Nightmare Court Slaying400
Powerful Potion of Ogre Slaying400
Powerful Potion of Outlaw Slaying400
Powerful Potion of Sons of Svanir Slaying400
Powerful Potion of Undead Slaying400
Pulsing Brandspark400
Rabid Pearl Conch400
Rabid Pearl Quarterstaff400
Rabid Pearl Rod400
Rabid Pearl Trident400
Rampager's Auric Focus400
Rampager's Auric Scepter400
Rampager's Auric Staff400
Rampager's Pearl Conch400
Rampager's Pearl Quarterstaff400
Rampager's Pearl Rod400
Rampager's Pearl Trident400
Rampager's Primordus Focus400
Rampager's Primordus Scepter400
Rampager's Primordus Staff400
Rampager's Primordus Trident400
Sentinel's Pearl Conch400
Sentinel's Pearl Quarterstaff400
Sentinel's Pearl Rod400
Sentinel's Pearl Trident400
Sentinel's Primordus Focus400
Sentinel's Primordus Scepter400
Sentinel's Primordus Staff400
Sentinel's Primordus Trident400
Seraph Pearl Conch400
Seraph Pearl Quarterstaff400
Seraph Pearl Rod400
Seraph Pearl Trident400
Settler's Pearl Conch400
Settler's Pearl Quarterstaff400
Settler's Pearl Rod400
Settler's Pearl Trident400
Shaman's Pearl Conch400
Shaman's Pearl Quarterstaff400
Shaman's Pearl Rod400
Shaman's Pearl Trident400
Soldier's Pearl Conch400
Soldier's Pearl Quarterstaff400
Soldier's Pearl Rod400
Soldier's Pearl Trident400
Superior Sigil of Elemental Slaying400
Superior Sigil of Frailty400
Superior Sigil of Impact400
Superior Sigil of Luck400
Trailblazer's Pearl Conch400
Trailblazer's Pearl Quarterstaff400
Trailblazer's Pearl Rod400
Trailblazer's Pearl Trident400
Valkyrie Auric Focus400
Valkyrie Auric Scepter400
Valkyrie Auric Staff400
Valkyrie Pearl Conch400
Valkyrie Pearl Quarterstaff400
Valkyrie Pearl Rod400
Valkyrie Pearl Trident400
Valkyrie Primordus Focus400
Valkyrie Primordus Scepter400
Valkyrie Primordus Staff400
Valkyrie Primordus Trident400
Vial of Cadmium Salts400
Vigilant Pearl Conch400
Vigilant Pearl Quarterstaff400
Vigilant Pearl Rod400
Vigilant Pearl Trident400
Viper's Pearl Conch400
Viper's Pearl Quarterstaff400
Viper's Pearl Rod400
Viper's Pearl Trident400
Wanderer's Pearl Conch400
Wanderer's Pearl Quarterstaff400
Wanderer's Pearl Rod400
Wanderer's Pearl Trident400
Handcrafted Hand Furnace425
Handcrafted Radiance425
Handcrafted Smodur's Charge425
Handcrafted Speakerpride425
Handcrafted Spiritcatcher425
Handcrafted Wiseclaw425