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Crafting info: Armorsmith


Rune of Life10
8 Slot Equipment Box25
8 Slot Safe Box25
Giver's Chain Boots25
Giver's Chain Coat25
Giver's Chain Gauntlets25
Giver's Chain Helm25
Giver's Chain Legs25
Healing Chain Boots25
Healing Chain Coat25
Healing Chain Gauntlets25
Healing Chain Helm25
Healing Chain Legs25
Malign Chain Helm25
Mighty Chain Helm25
Minor Rune of the Brawler25
Minor Rune of the Trooper25
Precise Chain Boots25
Precise Chain Coat25
Precise Chain Gauntlets25
Precise Chain Helm25
Precise Chain Legs25
Resilient Chain Boots25
Resilient Chain Coat25
Resilient Chain Gauntlets25
Resilient Chain Helm25
Resilient Chain Legs25
Vital Chain Helm25
Giver's Chain Pauldrons50
Healing Chain Boots50
Healing Chain Coat50
Healing Chain Gauntlets50
Healing Chain Helm50
Healing Chain Legs50
Healing Chain Pauldrons50
Healing Chain Pauldrons50
Malign Chain Boots50
Malign Chain Coat50
Malign Chain Gauntlets50
Malign Chain Helm50
Malign Chain Legs50
Malign Chain Pauldrons50
Malign Chain Pauldrons50
Mighty Chain Boots50
Mighty Chain Coat50
Mighty Chain Gauntlets50
Mighty Chain Helm50
Mighty Chain Legs50
Mighty Chain Pauldrons50
Mighty Chain Pauldrons50
Minor Rune of Svanir50
Minor Rune of the Krait50
Precise Chain Boots50
Precise Chain Coat50
Precise Chain Gauntlets50
Precise Chain Helm50
Precise Chain Legs50
Precise Chain Pauldrons50
Precise Chain Pauldrons50
Resilient Chain Boots50
Resilient Chain Coat50
Resilient Chain Gauntlets50
Resilient Chain Helm50
Resilient Chain Legs50
Resilient Chain Pauldrons50
Resilient Chain Pauldrons50
Vital Chain Boots50
Vital Chain Coat50
Vital Chain Gauntlets50
Vital Chain Helm50
Vital Chain Legs50
Vital Chain Pauldrons50
Vital Chain Pauldrons50
Giver's Scale Boots75
Giver's Scale Coat75
Giver's Scale Gauntlets75
Giver's Scale Helm75
Giver's Scale Legs75
Giver's Scale Pauldrons75
Hunter's Scale Boots75
Hunter's Scale Coat75
Hunter's Scale Gauntlets75
Hunter's Scale Helm75
Hunter's Scale Legs75
Hunter's Scale Pauldrons75
Minor Rune of the Earth75
Minor Rune of the Fire75
Minor Rune of the Mad King75
Ravaging Scale Boots75
Ravaging Scale Coat75
Ravaging Scale Gauntlets75
Ravaging Scale Helm75
Ravaging Scale Legs75
Ravaging Scale Pauldrons75
Vigorous Scale Boots75
Vigorous Scale Coat75
Vigorous Scale Gauntlets75
Vigorous Scale Helm75
Vigorous Scale Legs75
Vigorous Scale Pauldrons75
10 Slot Equipment Box100
10 Slot Safe Box100
Hearty Scale Boots100
Hearty Scale Coat100
Hearty Scale Gauntlets100
Hearty Scale Helm100
Hearty Scale Legs100
Hearty Scale Pauldrons100
Honed Scale Boots100
Honed Scale Coat100
Honed Scale Gauntlets100
Honed Scale Helm100
Honed Scale Legs100
Honed Scale Pauldrons100
Minor Rune of Altruism100
Minor Rune of the Guardian100
Minor Rune of the Warrior100
Rejuvenating Scale Boots100
Rejuvenating Scale Coat100
Rejuvenating Scale Gauntlets100
Rejuvenating Scale Helm100
Rejuvenating Scale Legs100
Rejuvenating Scale Pauldrons100
Strong Scale Boots100
Strong Scale Coat100
Strong Scale Gauntlets100
Strong Scale Helm100
Strong Scale Legs100
Strong Scale Pauldrons100
Hearty Gladiator Boots125
Hearty Gladiator Chestplate125
Hearty Gladiator Gauntlets125
Hearty Gladiator Helm125
Hearty Gladiator Legplates125
Hearty Gladiator Pauldrons125
Hearty Scale Boots125
Hearty Scale Coat125
Hearty Scale Gauntlets125
Hearty Scale Helm125
Hearty Scale Legs125
Hearty Scale Pauldrons125
Honed Gladiator Boots125
Honed Gladiator Chestplate125
Honed Gladiator Gauntlets125
Honed Gladiator Helm125
Honed Gladiator Legplates125
Honed Gladiator Pauldrons125
Honed Scale Boots125
Honed Scale Coat125
Honed Scale Gauntlets125
Honed Scale Helm125
Honed Scale Legs125
Honed Scale Pauldrons125
Hunter's Gladiator Boots125
Hunter's Gladiator Chestplate125
Hunter's Gladiator Gauntlets125
Hunter's Gladiator Helm125
Hunter's Gladiator Legplates125
Hunter's Gladiator Pauldrons125
Hunter's Scale Boots125
Hunter's Scale Coat125
Hunter's Scale Gauntlets125
Hunter's Scale Helm125
Hunter's Scale Legs125
Hunter's Scale Pauldrons125
Minor Rune of the Brawler125
Minor Rune of the Trooper125
Ravaging Gladiator Boots125
Ravaging Gladiator Chestplate125
Ravaging Gladiator Gauntlets125
Ravaging Gladiator Helm125
Ravaging Gladiator Legplates125
Ravaging Gladiator Pauldrons125
Ravaging Scale Boots125
Ravaging Scale Coat125
Ravaging Scale Gauntlets125
Ravaging Scale Helm125
Ravaging Scale Legs125
Ravaging Scale Pauldrons125
Rejuvenating Gladiator Boots125
Rejuvenating Gladiator Chestplate125
Rejuvenating Gladiator Gauntlets125
Rejuvenating Gladiator Helm125
Rejuvenating Gladiator Legplates125
Rejuvenating Gladiator Pauldrons125
Rejuvenating Scale Boots125
Rejuvenating Scale Coat125
Rejuvenating Scale Gauntlets125
Rejuvenating Scale Helm125
Rejuvenating Scale Legs125
Rejuvenating Scale Pauldrons125
Strong Gladiator Boots125
Strong Gladiator Chestplate125
Strong Gladiator Gauntlets125
Strong Gladiator Helm125
Strong Gladiator Legplates125
Strong Gladiator Pauldrons125
Strong Scale Boots125
Strong Scale Coat125
Strong Scale Gauntlets125
Strong Scale Helm125
Strong Scale Legs125
Strong Scale Pauldrons125
Vigorous Gladiator Boots125
Vigorous Gladiator Chestplate125
Vigorous Gladiator Gauntlets125
Vigorous Gladiator Helm125
Vigorous Gladiator Legplates125
Vigorous Gladiator Pauldrons125
Vigorous Scale Boots125
Vigorous Scale Coat125
Vigorous Scale Gauntlets125
Vigorous Scale Helm125
Vigorous Scale Legs125
Vigorous Scale Pauldrons125
Hunter's Splint Coat150
Hunter's Splint Gauntlets150
Hunter's Splint Greaves150
Hunter's Splint Helm150
Hunter's Splint Legs150
Hunter's Splint Pauldrons150
Minor Rune of Svanir150
Minor Rune of the Krait150
Ravaging Splint Coat150
Ravaging Splint Gauntlets150
Ravaging Splint Greaves150
Ravaging Splint Helm150
Ravaging Splint Legs150
Ravaging Splint Pauldrons150
Vigorous Splint Coat150
Vigorous Splint Gauntlets150
Vigorous Splint Greaves150
Vigorous Splint Helm150
Vigorous Splint Legs150
Vigorous Splint Pauldrons150
12 Slot Equipment Box175
12 Slot Safe Box175
Hearty Splint Coat175
Hearty Splint Gauntlets175
Hearty Splint Greaves175
Hearty Splint Helm175
Hearty Splint Legs175
Hearty Splint Pauldrons175
Honed Splint Coat175
Honed Splint Gauntlets175
Honed Splint Greaves175
Honed Splint Helm175
Honed Splint Legs175
Honed Splint Pauldrons175
Minor Rune of the Earth175
Minor Rune of the Fire175
Rejuvenating Splint Coat175
Rejuvenating Splint Gauntlets175
Rejuvenating Splint Greaves175
Rejuvenating Splint Helm175
Rejuvenating Splint Legs175
Rejuvenating Splint Pauldrons175
Strong Splint Coat175
Strong Splint Gauntlets175
Strong Splint Greaves175
Strong Splint Helm175
Strong Splint Legs175
Strong Splint Pauldrons175
Giver's Splint Coat200
Giver's Splint Gauntlets200
Giver's Splint Greaves200
Giver's Splint Helm200
Giver's Splint Legs200
Giver's Splint Pauldrons200
Hearty Gladiator Boots200
Hearty Gladiator Chestplate200
Hearty Gladiator Gauntlets200
Hearty Gladiator Helm200
Hearty Gladiator Legplates200
Hearty Gladiator Pauldrons200
Hearty Splint Coat200
Hearty Splint Gauntlets200
Hearty Splint Greaves200
Hearty Splint Helm200
Hearty Splint Legs200
Hearty Splint Pauldrons200
Honed Gladiator Boots200
Honed Gladiator Chestplate200
Honed Gladiator Gauntlets200
Honed Gladiator Helm200
Honed Gladiator Legplates200
Honed Gladiator Pauldrons200
Honed Splint Coat200
Honed Splint Gauntlets200
Honed Splint Greaves200
Honed Splint Helm200
Honed Splint Legs200
Honed Splint Pauldrons200
Hunter's Gladiator Boots200
Hunter's Gladiator Chestplate200
Hunter's Gladiator Gauntlets200
Hunter's Gladiator Helm200
Hunter's Gladiator Legplates200
Hunter's Gladiator Pauldrons200
Hunter's Splint Coat200
Hunter's Splint Gauntlets200
Hunter's Splint Greaves200
Hunter's Splint Helm200
Hunter's Splint Legs200
Hunter's Splint Pauldrons200
Major Rune of the Guardian200
Major Rune of the Warrior200
Ravaging Gladiator Boots200
Ravaging Gladiator Chestplate200
Ravaging Gladiator Gauntlets200
Ravaging Gladiator Helm200
Ravaging Gladiator Legplates200
Ravaging Gladiator Pauldrons200
Ravaging Splint Coat200
Ravaging Splint Gauntlets200
Ravaging Splint Greaves200
Ravaging Splint Helm200
Ravaging Splint Legs200
Ravaging Splint Pauldrons200
Rejuvenating Gladiator Boots200
Rejuvenating Gladiator Chestplate200
Rejuvenating Gladiator Gauntlets200
Rejuvenating Gladiator Helm200
Rejuvenating Gladiator Legplates200
Rejuvenating Gladiator Pauldrons200
Rejuvenating Splint Coat200
Rejuvenating Splint Gauntlets200
Rejuvenating Splint Greaves200
Rejuvenating Splint Helm200
Rejuvenating Splint Legs200
Rejuvenating Splint Pauldrons200
Strong Gladiator Boots200
Strong Gladiator Chestplate200
Strong Gladiator Gauntlets200
Strong Gladiator Helm200
Strong Gladiator Legplates200
Strong Gladiator Pauldrons200
Strong Splint Coat200
Strong Splint Gauntlets200
Strong Splint Greaves200
Strong Splint Helm200
Strong Splint Legs200
Strong Splint Pauldrons200
Vigorous Gladiator Boots200
Vigorous Gladiator Chestplate200
Vigorous Gladiator Gauntlets200
Vigorous Gladiator Helm200
Vigorous Gladiator Legplates200
Vigorous Gladiator Pauldrons200
Vigorous Splint Coat200
Vigorous Splint Gauntlets200
Vigorous Splint Greaves200
Vigorous Splint Helm200
Vigorous Splint Legs200
Vigorous Splint Pauldrons200
Carrion Tempered Scale Chestplate225
Carrion Tempered Scale Gauntlets225
Carrion Tempered Scale Greaves225
Carrion Tempered Scale Helm225
Carrion Tempered Scale Legs225
Carrion Tempered Scale Pauldrons225
Knight's Tempered Scale Chestplate225
Knight's Tempered Scale Gauntlets225
Knight's Tempered Scale Greaves225
Knight's Tempered Scale Helm225
Knight's Tempered Scale Legs225
Knight's Tempered Scale Pauldrons225
Major Rune of the Brawler225
Major Rune of the Trooper225
Valkyrie Tempered Scale Chestplate225
Valkyrie Tempered Scale Gauntlets225
Valkyrie Tempered Scale Greaves225
Valkyrie Tempered Scale Helm225
Valkyrie Tempered Scale Legs225
Valkyrie Tempered Scale Pauldrons225
15 Slot Equipment Box250
15 Slot Safe Box250
Assassin's Tempered Scale Chestplate250
Assassin's Tempered Scale Gauntlets250
Assassin's Tempered Scale Greaves250
Assassin's Tempered Scale Helm250
Assassin's Tempered Scale Legs250
Assassin's Tempered Scale Pauldrons250
Berserker's Tempered Scale Chestplate250
Berserker's Tempered Scale Gauntlets250
Berserker's Tempered Scale Greaves250
Berserker's Tempered Scale Helm250
Berserker's Tempered Scale Legs250
Berserker's Tempered Scale Pauldrons250
Cleric's Tempered Scale Chestplate250
Cleric's Tempered Scale Gauntlets250
Cleric's Tempered Scale Greaves250
Cleric's Tempered Scale Helm250
Cleric's Tempered Scale Legs250
Cleric's Tempered Scale Pauldrons250
Major Rune of Svanir250
Major Rune of the Krait250
Rampager's Tempered Scale Chestplate250
Rampager's Tempered Scale Gauntlets250
Rampager's Tempered Scale Greaves250
Rampager's Tempered Scale Helm250
Rampager's Tempered Scale Legs250
Rampager's Tempered Scale Pauldrons250
Assassin's Gladiator Boots275
Assassin's Gladiator Chestplate275
Assassin's Gladiator Gauntlets275
Assassin's Gladiator Helm275
Assassin's Gladiator Legplates275
Assassin's Gladiator Pauldrons275
Assassin's Tempered Scale Chestplate275
Assassin's Tempered Scale Gauntlets275
Assassin's Tempered Scale Greaves275
Assassin's Tempered Scale Helm275
Assassin's Tempered Scale Legs275
Assassin's Tempered Scale Pauldrons275
Berserker's Gladiator Boots275
Berserker's Gladiator Chestplate275
Berserker's Gladiator Gauntlets275
Berserker's Gladiator Helm275
Berserker's Gladiator Legplates275
Berserker's Gladiator Pauldrons275
Berserker's Tempered Scale Chestplate275
Berserker's Tempered Scale Gauntlets275
Berserker's Tempered Scale Greaves275
Berserker's Tempered Scale Helm275
Berserker's Tempered Scale Legs275
Berserker's Tempered Scale Pauldrons275
Carrion Gladiator Boots275
Carrion Gladiator Chestplate275
Carrion Gladiator Gauntlets275
Carrion Gladiator Helm275
Carrion Gladiator Legplates275
Carrion Gladiator Pauldrons275
Carrion Tempered Scale Chestplate275
Carrion Tempered Scale Gauntlets275
Carrion Tempered Scale Greaves275
Carrion Tempered Scale Helm275
Carrion Tempered Scale Legs275
Carrion Tempered Scale Pauldrons275
Cleric's Gladiator Boots275
Cleric's Gladiator Chestplate275
Cleric's Gladiator Gauntlets275
Cleric's Gladiator Helm275
Cleric's Gladiator Legplates275
Cleric's Gladiator Pauldrons275
Cleric's Tempered Scale Chestplate275
Cleric's Tempered Scale Gauntlets275
Cleric's Tempered Scale Greaves275
Cleric's Tempered Scale Helm275
Cleric's Tempered Scale Legs275
Cleric's Tempered Scale Pauldrons275
Giver's Gladiator Boots275
Giver's Gladiator Chestplate275
Giver's Gladiator Gauntlets275
Giver's Gladiator Helm275
Giver's Gladiator Legplates275
Giver's Gladiator Pauldrons275
Knight's Gladiator Boots275
Knight's Gladiator Chestplate275
Knight's Gladiator Gauntlets275
Knight's Gladiator Helm275
Knight's Gladiator Legplates275
Knight's Gladiator Pauldrons275
Knight's Tempered Scale Chestplate275
Knight's Tempered Scale Gauntlets275
Knight's Tempered Scale Greaves275
Knight's Tempered Scale Helm275
Knight's Tempered Scale Legs275
Knight's Tempered Scale Pauldrons275
Major Rune of the Earth275
Major Rune of the Fire275
Rampager's Gladiator Boots275
Rampager's Gladiator Chestplate275
Rampager's Gladiator Gauntlets275
Rampager's Gladiator Helm275
Rampager's Gladiator Legplates275
Rampager's Gladiator Pauldrons275
Rampager's Tempered Scale Chestplate275
Rampager's Tempered Scale Gauntlets275
Rampager's Tempered Scale Greaves275
Rampager's Tempered Scale Helm275
Rampager's Tempered Scale Legs275
Rampager's Tempered Scale Pauldrons275
Valkyrie Gladiator Boots275
Valkyrie Gladiator Chestplate275
Valkyrie Gladiator Gauntlets275
Valkyrie Gladiator Helm275
Valkyrie Gladiator Legplates275
Valkyrie Gladiator Pauldrons275
Valkyrie Tempered Scale Chestplate275
Valkyrie Tempered Scale Gauntlets275
Valkyrie Tempered Scale Greaves275
Valkyrie Tempered Scale Helm275
Valkyrie Tempered Scale Legs275
Valkyrie Tempered Scale Pauldrons275
Carrion Barbaric Boots300
Carrion Barbaric Coat300
Carrion Barbaric Gloves300
Carrion Barbaric Helm300
Carrion Barbaric Legplates300
... further results