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Some news for the commandah~~

Heya Commander!

I recently received a strange old signal coming from the north of Maguuma Wastes! And guess what? It's an asuran energetic signature, but I mean... IT'S IMPOSSIBLE?!! I asked Gorrik if he had any data concerning old dusty ruins, it seems we, asura used to have more cities than I've ever expected! Exciting! Sadly it seems that Inquest have one step ahead from us, they are currently arriving in Fractured Valley. It's a harathi hunting ground, was non-accessible but a violent earthquake broke the huge wall, opening a new way. Hopefully, it seems those agents were in Gorrik division and more, its friends. They've accepted for once to share their research. DO YOU REALIZE?! A VERY OLD CITY WE NEVER KNOWN ABOUT FOR HUNDRED OF YEARS! Calm down Taimi... So intriguing! I'm waiting for you at the north of Harathi Hinterlands. The pact managed to remove some rocks blocking the entrance to the cavern leading to Fractured Valley. Ah! Gorrik want to add something....

Commander! I've analyzed the readings we got from the wastes, in addition of that possible presence of a city, I've noticed a very strong disturbance in ley-line balance probably an elder dragon so Primordius. It's our chance, let's deal with that menace one time for all to allow our race to reconquer the underground! We need samples, we need data!

—Taimi and Gorrik

A new set of maps:[edit]

(With possible loading screens, and description:)

Map of the new expansion zones.

After a disturbance within ley-line balance (can be due to primordius or not), a very old beacon restarted emitting a signal, a very old energetic one coming from the north-west of Tyria. Several organizations started to track down the signal, permit them: Asuran colleges, the Priory, the Inquest, the Pact and the Vigil. A giant wall, previously preventing explorers to travel at the north of Harathi Hinterlands got destroyed by an intense volcanic activity; allowing everyone to explore a part of woodland cascades and north of Maguuma Wastes.

Maps+ their events+ quests+ legendary cultural armor idea+ mini-raids idea are made by me, also first sketch of Quora Sum architecture too, others are concept art by Anet, since I drew several of loading screens, but looked almost the same as the Anet ones globally, so decided to use them. :D

Fractured Valley[edit]

Loading screen

Description: A giant scar passes through the entire valley letting erupting some lava. An original giant wall was present at the south of the map, but it is now destroyed. The map is mostly occupied by centaurs, apart the north which has small pouches of asuran resistance: Inquest Pyronix lab is studying destroyers and fluctuation of ley energies at the center of the lava lake. 2 Older laboratories are also present near it, with old technologies studied by colleges and inquest in same time peacefully. At the north-est, shown on the loading screen, a very old castle from an unknown origin, now occupied by some asuras which turned it into a market place. They also added an asuran gate leading to Aethervolt lab in brisban wildlands. (require a story step/quest to fix the gate and unlocking it). :/


1. "Help centaurs to find sources of food" -Since every cultures and stocks was based within the great wall, several centaurs are now in the need.
2. "Defend the trading-place against skritts" -Asuras and centaurs trading baubles? Skritt wants a shiny too!
3. "Help Pyronix lab leading research on destroyers" -Also checking ley energies disturbance, collecting samples....
4. "Oversee research in ancient laboratories" -Check if no one are spying each others, help each organization to find artifacts.

Canopy of the spirits[edit]

Loading screen

Description: A very foggy forest with an alpine/temperate scenary with several huge pines and other species. Along several asuran ruins you can find a very strange altar at the middle of the map, surely Jotun origin. Three stones linked to a rune, probably an inter dimensional portal allowing great beasts to appear including imps, shadows.... Seraphs have a camp at the north-east, overseeing the frontier behind that map and fractured valley. Canopy of the spirits is considered as very dangerous: Lost spirits can be found telling the horrible reason of their death. Sneaky bandits assassin are present around all the forest too. The northern asuran fortress is used as a shelter and lead to a consequent underground part: An ancient asuran library, but it's occupied by several graveling and spiders. Hopefully the pact and the priory are there to secure the place as much as they can. :)


1. "Help seraphs securing the road" -Prevent bad things from happening between the asuran fortress and the entrance to Fractured Valley.
2. "Assist the priory for their research within the asuran fortress" -Protect arcanists, researchers and troops against any danger.
3. "Hunt with the local hyleks" -Around the delta at the north-west. Catch fishes, kill some minotaurs and deers even fireflies.
4. "Allow ghosts to find peace" -Ask ghosts and walk with them around the forest to understand the origin of the torment.

Meta: Spirits madness[edit]

The jotun altar at the center activate itself and release several demons, all spirits turn angry and the fog become thicker, several foes are assaulting the asuran fortress, seraph camp and hylek village. All need to be defended, the priory start from the fortress and travel to the center to fix the portal. Anything will try to kill priory before reaching center. 2 Phases: Peaceful forest / Destabilized forest. :)

Enchanted Cliffs[edit]

Loading screen

Description: Half rocky mountains, half alpine forest, that's your map! The picture shows the entrance of Quora Sum, so the rocky part. A huge chain of mountains separate the two main environments. Inhabited by essentially skritts within tunnels, and on them, zephyrites. In the coastal jungle area, a quaggan village. At the other side, many floating islets, and two giant watch-towers. Mesa-like, with Savannah-typed creatures, very arid with only few very rare pouches of water. Some old golem exo-skeleton can be found, lying destroyed, inactive. :o


1. "Help quaggans fishing" -Catch some fishes, light on lanterns, hunt down sharks.
2. "Defend skritts against destroyers" -Resolve destroyers related skritts issues, plugging fissures, building barricades. (North mountains)
3. "Teach skritts about asuran technologies" -Help them to teleport themselves, calibrating a basic asuran gate or the basics of golemancy. (South mountains)
4. "Help zephyrites farming on floating islets" -Use bridges between floating islet and help them growing several kind of plants, avoiding larvae.

Quora Sum[edit]

Loading screen

Description: Completely underground map. The old asuran capital of Quora Sum, a volcanic activity fractured the city in three main districts which are still intact. At the east, the educational district with training grounds and the main laboratories complex Upsilon. At the center, the vital district with the Data Center, the Power Plant and the water station. At the west finally, the demos district with the giant University which was used to welcome Dynamic, Static, Synergistic and Inquest all part of the same institution books are here engraved crystal panes linked between them with a stone ring sometimes data are engraved on crystal in data center; and the greenhouse to study plants and how they react to several sources of light. With two observation platforms allowing asuras to have a beautiful view on the south-western lake. Note that we can find one watch-tower per district, that's why like rata novus, the city has been evacuated really fast. But a fail-safe system got the time to activate himself preventing any damage to the city: Force fields. :D


1. "Help everyone gathering knowledge within the Data Center" -Gather some cyan fluorite data crystals, check the system on asuran consoles.
2. "Assure power supplies for the city" -Repair broken cables, bring fluorite crystals to the core, kill any destroyers attracted by crystal lights.
3. "Check on the labs complex security breaches" -Contain destroyers specimens and animals within their cells, control air filters and avoid contamination.
4. "Prevent destroyers invading the western district" -Already invaded the greenhouse, stop them before they capture the university!

Meta: The Blackout[edit]

The energy storage start to decrease dangerously, and all the systems are shut down: Several specimens escape from the laboratories, water tanks start to leak, destroyers are invading wanting to destroy the power plant. All the secondary power sources are directed to asuran turrets and defenses. 2 Main phases based on day/night cycle: During the day the energy build up with the help of crystals within the ceiling transmitting light to stocking crystal. Players can help by collecting cyan fluorite crystals, and helping every quests even if completed. For the night, several dysfunctions appear due to the lack of understanding from some ancient technologies and destroyer attacks. :disappointed:

Ardent Falls[edit]

Loading screen

Description: Again, a full underground volcanic map, with lava falls at several corners. That map is a kind of extension for Quora Sum and welcome 2 main structures: The golem factory at the south-west and the Amphitheater at the middle, that second building was used to showcase the latest technologies to civilians under a giant icosahedric fluorite dome which is now broken due to volcanism. A great part of the map sank into lava, was previously a crystal quarry (of course, golems are powered by those crystals) and was welcoming the Asuran Gates Hub. The factory works with geothermic energy but without crystals it's useless. Can welcome primordius fight at the middle if needed.


1. "Assure crystals supply." -Defend the soldiers bringing crystals to the factory from destroyers and skelks.
2. "Help researchers within the amphitheater." -Find artifact and classify them, defend researchers.
3. "Maintain security around the lava lake" -Repair ancient asuran electro-magnetic cannons, kill destroyer wyverns menacing miners.
4. "Collect rock samples for scientists." -Gather rocks ejected by the lava.

Others concept arts showing more precisely some places:[edit]

Loading screen

The destroyed wall of Fractured Valley

Loading screen

Another view of the forest, from the delta, Canopy of the Spirits

Loading screen

Forest part of Enchanted Cliffs, in foreground, rocky part with some floating islets

Loading screen

A possible view of the interior of Data Center, Quora Sum

Loading screen

Ruins of the Amphitheater, Ardent Falls

Details about Quora Sum, rapidly:[edit]

Fast sketches from me concerning the overall look, some architectures:

Drawing Drawing

And the Amphitheater in Ardent Falls: Drawing

Explanations: Three main entrances, two for great minds: can be a council member or highly respected inventor sometimes, citizens. The last one is for inventions themselves like golems or whatever, brought to the center of the amphitheater. It works like a tribunal, one asura is for the invention, another against, all the public vote after the speechs for or against. The two main contestants take place on the two floating hexagonal islets under the dome to have a global view. Someone come at the middle with the invention as a judge. Also outside of showcases it can be used by anyone even as a classroom.

Awesome underground asuran designs made by an Anet Artist, perfectly corresponding with my idea with cyan fluorite crystals: Quite fiting for Data Center:


Some new designs:

Golems drawing

Here are some golem designs made by me, the carrier mark is the former Golem Mark I, and the guardian mark is the former Golem Mark II, you can also note that the light mark is very close to our cubes golem. Digger, Servitor and Sentry are very helpful ancient marks of golem, but their crafting blueprints were lost with years. Little invented lore following: -Servitors were used a lot, it wasn't rare to see a swarm of those following a golemancer or a rich asura, carrying stuffs, drinks or food on their head. -Only Diggers were sent to fluorite quarries, asuras never mine themselves. Carriers can also come if the rocks are too big to be destroyed efficiently. -Guardians are posted at every entrance points of the city, and also guard the Data Center. Those are very powerful, can shoot laser beams/ break necks, spines with their hands. More intelligent than other golems, they are equipped with a basic AI, and stored in them the appearance of an asura. Everything else is considered as an hostile unknown life-form. -Sentries are patrolling with peacemakers around every corners of the city, assuring the security and helping when they can, ability to shoot lasers with its arms, blind with head crystals. -Lights can emit light through its three side crystals, they are only used during exploration with most of the time the simultaneous use of Sentries, rarely guardians and carriers (only if they are sure of a potential lethal danger).

Rata novus is NOTHING, here we will discover a very technologically advanced city, better than Rata Sum or Rata Primus themselves, but that knowledge was lost with ages, it's now time to discover it again! Asuras can become more than great again.

Quora Sum preview 3D (minecraft)

The culture and technology of Rata Quorans[edit]

That very technologically advanced civilization gained the knowledges about genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology or cloning. They are even aware about the cryogenization technique. None of the colleges were clearly defined nor the Inquest, they were all part of the society, melted together with krewes of different minded asura. The arcane eye was already there but it was called simply "Eye" it had more roles than the current version: A military force, police within the undercities and securing sensible facilities or sites. The equipments used are made of several layers of plating and heavy uses of holographic protective pads. Common weapons are holo-umbrella shield or proto-light shockwave sword.

Emblem of the Eye: Emblem of the Eye

Neo Asuran Script: Neo Asuran Script

Asuran script is heavily used in addition of Neo-Asuran Script, a script that cover in addition of letters, numbers and symbols but in a different writing style. The energetic supply come from refining fluorite crystal and geothermy. The city higlhly rely on tunnels and underground network linking together the different cities or districts of a same underground mega city. Expeditions and sampling were made regularly at the surface and brought back to lab to analyse and experimentations; some species are still conserved in containment in the cryolab in stasis.

City power supplies and underground network

When primordius ruined the underground and sent waves of minions, some of the venerable rata quorans got cryoginized deep in facility in the hope of transmitting their knowledges to future races if the asura are exterminated. Here is a sample of one of the last communications between the arcane council, the Eye and citizens: AIPA stands for Artificial Intelligence Pulic Announcement. The underground network that allow asura to fast travel around is using quantic levitation and supra conductivity, the different stations has identity scanners and possibility to deploy hard vault door protected from both side with a force field. It is represented by those red lines on the plan. The factory can produce energy with geothermy whereas the water station use hydro electricity. The Data Center and the labs are equiped with an emergency generators running with fluorite like the power plant in case of destruction of the western part.

-Statics zzTTtzz
AIPA system: Alert! Attack incoming, sismic activity high, ground heat increasing, checking invaders status....
AIPA system: Analysis complete. Unknown life form, volcanic appearance, insectoid, seems to be made of rock and lava.
AIPA system: Its goal seems to seeks for living forms to anhilate them. Proposal of name? Destroyers.
Arcane councilor Vlinx: Incoming transmission from other under cities, they are overrun. I bet they thought they was superior, but not us! Eye officers, deploy half of the forces near the volcanic faults, the other half with us; we have to think about our legacy.
Eye Squad Leader Huda: Let's start moving, we have the advantage of knowing every corner of that city, let's activate the forcefields and gamma proto laser turrets first.
Arcane councilor Vlinx: Golemoscientists, Arcanomasters, researchers and Lorekeepers with me and the rest of the council, we go for the cryolabs.
Maginergy researcher: Whatever that thing is, it has an intense magic identity, what your plan? We abandon the city?
Arcane councilor Pluta: The others cities lost by staying. Our strategy is to occupy those "destroyers" while we lead a majority of citizens to the surface, I urge any of you to keep some inventions and ask your personnal golems to carry them, we need every tool to rebuild anything, a new home.
Eye Squad Leader Yol: But why the cryolabs then?
Arcane councilor Vlinx: Some of us will stay here, in case of someone coming back here in the future, once the majority is at the surface, I will contact Tarp which is still in the control center to turn the power supply off apart the secondary generator of the cryolabs where some of us will wait in stasis.
AIPA system: Warning! First defense line fell. Should I activate the thermocooler regulators?
Arcanengineer Chief Plaky: Yes. Freeze everything. Also, activate the neothermocapacitotrons and target the asura gates!
Eye Squad leader Huda: Really????!!!
Arcanengineer Chief Plaky: We cannot allow those creatures to use our technology against us. They are sentient, see they already passed the first defense line!
---ZZt static. End of extract

Here is another Anet Concept art, showing kinda my idea of the cryolabs. You see a fox in stasis or under studies in a fluorite cube, under I can see it as cryopods for species or asura.


A new experience within Rata Sum and Rata Novus:[edit]


Asuran gate leading to Polymock Arenas is now activated ( even if the game isn't available, it's for the sake of the eternal alchemy and that poor worker). Gorr lab is accessible outside of story, his asuran gate is now functional. Port authority Inquest stone portal is open, it was in fact, Inquest Dormitory. Moto's secret lab is always accessible.

Loading screen

Here is the template of the new layer "golem mines" of Rata Sum by myself, how I see it. The illustration is pretty explicit, black areas are walls, two main accesses: 1-Through colleges dormitories which have staircases leading downward to that final level. (white arrows, from above, "substrata" layer.) 2-By using the hexagonal elevators present near holographic bridges at "Substrata" layer, moving downward too, allowing access to the last level.

Shopping Arcade: Several Bars and game tables for asuras. Not rare to meet some drunk norns or humans there. Also a good surprise: The Holo-Krewe news have a kiosk at the center. Golem Station: Here malfunctioning golems are repaired, but some new golems can be built too. Several dismantling tables, circular saws, golem pieces... And golem acting very strangely. Inquest Cafeteria: Kinda like the arcade, at the back some Inquest chiefs and bartenders preparing drinks and meals. Here agents are enjoying conversations and good food.

Rata Novus Cube

Tangled depths map is now extended. A new part of the map is now available: "Rata Novus Inner Complex".

-> The cube is divided into several sectors: -Ground floor: Hydroponics clear the water from the river, making it viable, also host farms to grow crops allowing the colony to be self-sustainable. Also welcome the different colleges classrooms and their students. -First floor: Library and labs working on non-dangerous substances or elements. Have several books about the surface and its races. -Second floor: Metamystic gallery, for building and repairing golems, some teleport allow their transport to ground floor. -Third floor: Study of hazardous elements, ley energy, mushroom spores, destroyers or chaks. -Last floor: Gate hub, allowing to teleport to other underground cities, have been deactivated to prevent a propagation of chaks or any other creature.

Even if the cube is fully closed, the glass spheres in the ceiling allow light to enlighten the whole interior.

Rata Novus Cube

Easter eggs:[edit]

Within Inquest Cafeteria, you can find an Asuran Stone Portal locked with near it a PA announcer and a control panel. The door is protected by a password. Which one you can obtain by making Inquest agents drunk: You need to find 8 agents, each one giving a character between hiccups. Then rearrange them to find the code. Once unlocking the door, you can access the Inquest private elevator leading you to "Auxiliary study room" where Inquest are doing some experiment.

-> Here you can trigger a second easter egg: Once entering that room, an Inquest supervisor will run at you asking who you are since he never saw you before. 2 options: -If you have on you the item "Inquest Symbol" even if in inventory, he excuses himself welcoming you back and letting you explore the lab tables, documents, etc... -If you don't have the item, it trigger an alarm, two golems are running at you, immobilizing you and sending you outside in front of the force fields near recruiters.

Elite specializations[edit]

Weapon Guardian tango icon 20px.png
Revenant tango icon 20px.png
Warrior tango icon 20px.png
Engineer tango icon 20px.png
Ranger tango icon 20px.png
Thief tango icon 20px.png
Elementalist tango icon 20px.png
Mesmer tango icon 20px.png
Necromancer tango icon 20px.png
One-handed Axe Firebrand tango icon 20px.png0No 0No1Yes 1Yes1Yes 0No0No 1Yes1Yes 0No0No 0No0No Mirage tango icon 20px.png0No 1Yes0No
Dagger 0No0No 0No0No Spellbreaker tango icon 20px.pngSpellbreaker tango icon 20px.png 0No0No Soulbeast tango icon 20px.png1Yes 1Yes1Yes 1Yes1Yes 0No0No 1Yes1Yes
Mace 1Yes0No 1Yes0No 1Yes1Yes 0No0No 0No0No 0No0No 0No0No 0No0No 0No0No
Pistol 0No0No 0No0No 0NoInfiltrator 1Yes1Yes 0No0No 1Yes1Yes 0No0No 0No1Yes 0No0No
Sword 1Yes0No 1Yes1Yes 1Yes1Yes Holosmith tango icon 20px.png0No 1Yes0No 1Yes0No Weaver tango icon 20px.png0No 1Yes1Yes Fleshreaver0No
Main hand only Scepter 1Yes 0No 0No 0No 0No 0No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Off-hand only Focus 1Yes 0No 0No 0No 0No 0No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Shield 1Yes Herald tango icon 20px.png 1Yes 1Yes Catalyst 0No 0No Chronomancer tango icon 20px.png 0No
Torch 1Yes 0No Berserker tango icon 20px.png 0No 1Yes Saboteur 0No 1Yes Scourge tango icon 20px.png
Warhorn Mage 0No 1Yes 0No 1Yes 0No Tempest tango icon 20px.png 0No 1Yes
Two-handed Greatsword 1Yes Shatterer 1Yes 0No 1Yes 0No 0No 1Yes Reaper tango icon 20px.png
Hammer 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes Scrapper tango icon 20px.png 0No 0No 0No 0No 0No
Longbow Dragonhunter tango icon 20px.png 0No 1Yes 0No 1Yes 0No Destroyer 0No 0No
Rifle 0No 0No 1Yes 1Yes 0No Deadeye tango icon 20px.png 0No Psyker 0No
Short bow 0No Renegade tango icon 20px.png 0No Mechanist 1Yes 1Yes 0No 0No 0No
Staff 1Yes 1Yes 0No 0No Druid tango icon 20px.png Daredevil tango icon 20px.png 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Aquatic Harpoon gun 0No 0No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 0No 0No 0No
Spear 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 0No 1Yes 1Yes 0No 1Yes 1Yes
Trident 1Yes 1Yes 0No 0No 0No 0No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes

Will not develop a lot here because I'm mostly focused on the environment, the maps, the lore and quests, I just put them because it's sounds like an habit to have them: :/

picture-Mechanist: Shortbow (crossbow if possible) to shoot modified arrows and flasks. Turn F1-F5 from tool belt into real skill usable with any weapon. Ability to destabilize the reality, and summoning watchwork golem. Cyan fluorite are used as golem power core and to enhance arrows/bow.

picture-Inflitrator: Pistol very fast pistol allowing to blind and cripple the enemy for a considerable time, skill 5 can blowout.

picture-Destroyer: Longbow ability to attune bullets with one of the four elements, each element is strong and have a special effect for third skill (heal/protection/fury/power). Based on the fact that asuran cyan fluorite crystal can channel elemental energies through them like engineer.

picture-Fleshreaver: Sword, uses toxins on weapons and also self-injecting them. Applying almost any condition to the foe. When used on self you gain several boons and conditions. The more you have, the stronger you are.

picture-Mage: Warhorn reinforce allies giving a considerable heal and power, other weapons can occasionally give might or fury. Inspire yourself from the most strategic asurans ever known, learning how to support your allies.

picture-Shatterer: Greatsword give the ability to travel within the mist for a given period making you invulnerable, but staying too much can cost a lot. With the help of the most advanced asuran technologies, you can pass from a reality to another, but the link is vert unstable.

picture-Saboteur: Torch ability to set on fire any other weapons, increasing the damages to enemies but with a possibility to burn yourself if used too often. The art of discretion and lethality, use smoke bombs, burn your weapons to deal increased damages trap enemies with their own strength.

picture-Catalyst: Shield can concentrate the natural energy with shield skills and releasing it as a powerful beam, that energy can also be consumed on other weapons. Use your shield like real golemancer, containing the energy and transferring it for any of your purposes!

picture-Psyker: Rifle shooting illusion bullets powered by psychic power, can be used to enhance weapons beware of the psychic power bar. Psychic resonance with asuran crystals again to improve the power.


  • -Ability to use skimmer underwater if possible, to make it useful.
  • -Battle on lion's arch fractal.
  • -Raid wing: Centaur Stronghold, surely at the south-west of Fractured Valley.
  • -Vendor selling guild hall asuran decos, several tonics, tomes of knowledge or obsidian shards against those "unknown artifact shards" for 500, 1000....
  • -Turrets deployed by engineer are now asuran turrets if the chosen race is Asura.


As long as lair of the snowmen, giving the ability to everyone to explore unique little piece of lore/adventure within the new maps: 10 players squad. Award some raid tokens.

MR1="Ardent crucible" Exploring deeper and deeper the foundation of the castle "Fractured Valley map", spiral staircases and huge cathedral style broken rooms, at the beginning, foes are easy: some graveling, ghosts and shadows then some basic destroyers crabs, trolls types and at the end a giant destroyer wyvern.

MR2="Abandoned dredge facility" A very fast empty forge with some remaining dredges and destroyers within. "Canopy of the spirits" Dredges used to retreat in the last vault where their leader within a giant mining suit try to beat a giant destroyer. Some little mechanisms are still functional like steam valves, water tanks.

MR3="Skritts defense" Same map as "Enchanted Cliffs", you have to defend the tunnels against 25 waves of destroyers from at the beginning crabs to 3 legendary wyvern at the end. You can order skritts to use some asuran technologies or traps to help you. 3 players per legendary with 1 at the middle ordering to skritts what to do.

New guild hall, between Quora Sum and Brisban Wildlands. (Crystal Cove)[edit]

A long asuran walkway with gardens, floating cubes and holographic plants. 2 Main water canals along it, at the exterior some crops and asuran ruins. Inside, a fluorite/quartz quarry, several asuran labs and houses.

The new guild hall could be also upgradable: On labs you can choose the banners you want (static/inquest/dynamic/synergistic/none) which one interact with lab lights colors. (Blue, Red, Green, Purple or cyan). Like the pact quest in thunderhead peak/ dialog quest in jahai bluffs you could choose which allies should come where. (Permit peacemakers, pact, orders, personal story, even inquest or other baddies)

An event would occurs at a specific hour each day in guild hall where destroyers try to take it back. Where you can use weapons decos you put around your hall (rata novus turrets, pact lightning cannon, even WvW siege weapons which would be now usable). If players don't defend it, it reset the day after removing foes. But if you defend, you have rewards.

Legendary PvE cultural armors:[edit]

Completing any event within the four maps award "unknown artifact shard" (10) and 30 if finishing a Meta, you can also do SUMR to earn more shards (see the next paragraph).

Some details: Each piece of that armor require doing an event in every core map to obtain every armor piece schematic. Recipe: ->Ascended cultural armor schematic + 1000 Unknown artifact shards + 125 ectoplasms + 15 Mystic clovers = Gift of Ascended cultural armor. ->2 corresponding ascended armor parts (made with Bolt of Damask/Elonian Leather) + Gift of Ascended cultural armor + 5 Racial trophies = Your Ascended cultural Armor Piece. (Racial trophies obtained from killing world bosses in the corresponding racial area, example: In caledon forest for sylvari, metrica province for asura...)

Of course, Account bound when crafted and you can choose the stats you want. And upgradable to legendary with following recipe: ->The ascended cultural armor piece + 30 Mystic clovers + 20 Icy Runestones + 250 ectoplasms. (Sufficient considering the time to farm unknown artifacts)

Scaling up mini-raid:[edit]

SUMR="Deeper labs complex" Within "Quora Sum", an hexagonal platform moving downward but stopping at every floor due to containment breaches. 17 floors. With each 7 waves of enemies: So 119 waves, with a 120th one with the stronger foe. Would start with some haywire golems, gravelings or chaks and then some big trolls or destroyers, then big wyverns, giant, huge security golem, destroyer giant, destroyer cerberus, destroyer scorpion to end with a reinforced destroyer (probably an experiment) A giant destroyer-like humanoid wearing powered armor shooting lasers... whatever. The difficulty level at the start is low then it increases, that challenge stop when everyone is dead, everyone is rezzed after finishing a wave. The higher wave number you are better the reward is, level 120 is achievable but after learning how foes works. Last wave of each floor is a boss champion, apart last, legendary. :D 2 First floors award both 5 "unknown artifact shard", then two next award five more shards etc.... So Floor 17 = 45 shards. +Bonus if finished= +55 shards. In total, if finishing the challenge: 280 shards. But note: Chance to drop it on enemies during waves. 1/3 Note: 17 floors can be only one, no need to modeling: Animated texture going up then stop, then repeat. But maybe possible? CF: Proxemics lab brisban wildland puzzle, animals room.

Loading screen

The last wave. The legendary boss. Level 90.

New gamemode: PvEvP[edit]

Main characteristics[edit]

1) It uses mechanics from several modes: quests from PvE, siege engines from WvW, capture-able points from PvP....
2) 10 quests on the map: 3 types possible: Support-Defensive-Offensive, obligatory 2 of each type generated, the 4 remaining are random (can be 4 support like 2 Defensive and 2 Offensive)
3) Siege engines disappear after 10 mins if non-used, fortifications stay until destroyed. No squad can be created if the previous generated one isn't attributed anywhere.
4) The map outlook change every week, and the two implied factions too; resetting all progress.
5) A faction win once the opposite HQ is destroyed, it can be destroyed by producing Demolition team/Racial weapons. (Doing that reset the same map to zero)
6) Support quest is completed by everyone from your faction and progress slowly, 1% per action done. Repeatable 5 times, so 5 tiers for each quest.
7) Supplies used by Offensive and Defensive quests are ONLY produced by Support quests at a regular time interval once the 1st tier is reached.
8) Nobody carry supplies, you have to ask the support quest npc to give you a 5 supplies caravan to lead at another quest camp (Offensive/defensive) to upgrade it.
9) Higher tiers unlock faster supply production, stronger weapons and defenses. The blueprints here are different than the one in WvW and are soulbound.

Factions and Environment[edit]

It takes place in the mist, a place where everything melt together. The map change between any environment: an aetherblade hideout, ascalon, woodland cascades, shiverpeaks, crystal desert...
Any factions combination is possible: Asura vs flame legions, scarlet troops against Sylvaris, Dragon minions against ascalonians!!!
On the minimap you only see fog. Only POI, services, vistas and HQ location are present as icons. The quests appear once you discovered them:

User Inquest Overseer Ezrielia pvevpmap.jpg

Example map. Gear = Support Quest, Shield = Defensive Quest, Fist = Offensive Quest. Castles = HQ. Blades= like in WvW, under siege. Boss Icon= Demolition team or Bomber squad. NOTE: The enemy can reclaim a quest by killing every NPCs within a quest camp, and knocking down the Quest NPC. The tier is conserved, but the affiliation is changed.

Quests types and tiers[edit]

Only one squad can be produced at a time, once done, its appear in the center of the camp, with a squad leader, you can talk to him and assign the squad in the available spots: In the camp (veterans guard), at an enemy camp (Infiltration/assault/bomber) , at the enemy HQ (assault/demolition) or following you somewhere you need them. (veteran guards/bomber). Fortifications/siege engines are purchased using the supplies stored in the corresponding camp. Nobody have its amount of supplies, everyone use the camp one.

User Inquest Overseer Ezrielia questsrelation.jpg

-Support Quest:

Trait I.png Supply Capacity.png That support quest camp produce 1 supply /min Unlocked by capturing the quest camp.
Trait II.png Supply Capacity.png That support quest camp produces 2 supplies /min Upgraded from the tier above by completing a gathering event.
Trait III.png Supply Capacity.png That support quest camp produce 4 supplies /min Upgraded from the tier above by completing a gathering event.
Trait IV.png Supply Capacity.png That support quest camp produce 8 supplies /min Upgraded from the tier above by completing a gathering event.
Trait V.png Supply Capacity.png That support quest camp produce 16 supplies /min Upgraded from the tier above by completing a gathering event.
Upgrading: by completing the quest. (Bringing there wood logs, ley line crystals, metal scraps: Infinitely available ONLY in your HQ, players have to carry them there)

-Offensive Quest:

Trait I.png Iron Guards.png That offensive quest camp can produce Veteran Guards Unlocked by capturing the quest camp.
Trait II.png Cloaking Waters.png That offensive quest camp can produce Veteran Bomber team Require to bring here 200 supplies.
Trait III.png Chilling Fog.png That offensive quest camp can produce Veteran Infiltration squad Require to bring here 400 supplies.
Trait IV.png Defense Against Guards.png That offensive quest camp can produce Champion Assault squad Require to bring here 800 supplies.
Trait V.png Hardened Siege.png That offensive quest camp can produce Champion Demolition team Require to bring here 1600 supplies.

(Note: It produce blueprints, you need to invest an amount of supplies. Demolition require 2x more than Assault.)

-Defensive Quest:

Trait I.png Flame Ram Mastery.png That defensive quest camp can produce Fortification walls and rams Unlocked by capturing the quest camp.
Trait II.png Arrow Cart Mastery.png That defensive quest camp can produce Arrow carts and ballistas Require to bring here 200 supplies.
Trait III.png Shield Generator Mastery.png That defensive quest camp can produce Force fields and catapults Require to bring here 400 supplies.
Trait IV.png Hire Siegemaster.png That defensive quest camp can produce Traps, mines, golems, trebuchet Require to bring here 800 supplies.
Trait V.png Assault Roller.png That defensive quest camp can produce Mobile racial weapons Require to bring here 1600 supplies.

(Note: It produce blueprints, you need to invest then the regular amount of supplies of the corresponding siege weapon in WvW. Racial require 2x more than golems.)

Limits about objects present within the map:

Per Allied quest camp: 4 Veterans Guards, 4 fortification walls, 8 arrow carts or balistas, 3 catapults or trebuchets, 3 force fields or golems, 8 traps or mines, 1 racial weapon.
Per Enemy quest camp: 4 Infiltration Squad, 4 Assault Squads, 2 Bomber teams.
On the enemy HQ: 2 Demolition team and 2 Assault Squads.
Each faction can place 25 fortification of any type maximum outside of camps. And 15 Veterans guards outside of camps.

Note about racial weapons, very fast:

-Charrs = Fire Cauldron and tanks, steel cannon
-Humans = Giant watchknight, cannons and mortars
-Sylvaris = Giant oakheart, bag of sylvari turrets
-Asuras = DERVS, golem squads and Lightning cannon
-Norns = Giant harpoon and barrel launchers
Note: by opposition of other weapons, a player can ask them to follow him where he want, then you can switch back to attack mode, and use it like a regular WvW siege weapon.

Purchase options for Expansion[edit]

Features Standard Deluxe Ultimate
New region: Woodland cascades and Far Maguuma wastes (underground) 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
New dungeons: Mini raids 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Related Living season story 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Black Lion Instant Level 80 Ticket 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Character Slot 0No 1Yes 1Yes
Identity Repair Kit 0No 1Yes 1Yes
Krewe Chief outfit 0No 1Yes 1Yes
Lounge ticket: Balcony of Quora Sum 0No 1Yes 1Yes
4000 Gems 0No 0No 1Yes

Made by hugo.4705 aka Inquest Overseer Ezrielia (my main gw2 character)