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Welcome to the Guild Wars 2 Wiki!
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Greetings. Thank—you—for—joining—the—wiki—community. We—are—very—happy—to—have—you—and—are—looking—forward—to—your—contributions. I—have—been—tasked—to—assist—you. The—following—should—help—you—to—get—started.

— Wiki-Tron

➟ Getting started
Help centerHow to helpWiki FAQAdmin noticeboard
➟ For wiki-related communication
Community PortalAsk a wiki questionGuild Wars 2 Wiki:Discord
➟ Where to find something to work on
ProjectsOn Wiki of GoldWanted imagesImage update requestsWanted pages
➟ Useful pages for the creation of new item articles
Overview of page layoutsGW2W Easy Mode for new article creationOfficial API for itemsItem SearchNew Items Database
➟ Where to find icons
Dat Icon DirectoryGem Store combo icons

On wiki etiquette

When interacting with others on the wiki, remember that we all are volunteers in a community-driven project space. As such, please treat others with care and respect. Vandalism, harassment and abuse of any kind are not tolerated. Our goal is to create a good resource of knowledge for everyone to enjoy while providing a safe and mature working environment for our editors. In order to achieve this, collaboration and compromise are key in reaching a consensus. Discussions should be constructive and respectful.

Congratulations! You are all set now. If you still have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to any community member. Happy wiki-ing!