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My Suggestions (for Guild Wars 2):[edit]

While reading through these suggestions, the text on its face may give the first impression that I'm overly-critical of the direction in which Guild Wars 2 has developed. However, nothing could be further from the truth. With over 6,000 hours invested over the course of 82 months in the original Guild Wars Prophecies and all the expansions, I am a huge fan of the game and admirer of ArenaNet's efforts.

The subtext of my suggestions is of an ancient gamer (I owned the granddaddy of the video game industry, Pong, back in 1976!) who - after all these years - is thrilled at the prospect of a games developer finally getting so many things right. At the same time, I offer up constructive criticism in an effort to prod the developers to address those areas falling a bit short of their full potential; but only because I want to see GW2 succeed beyond anybody's expectations. Here's to the next 6,000 hours :D

Lastly, I fully realize that there's no way in Tyria the suggestions below will be implemented before launch (for those that haven't already been implemented). However, this is a good thing. Assuming any of my feedback posts are taken into consideration, they can be added to the game at a later date and marketed as new content. This further demonstrates to the player base that ArenaNet is serious about maintaining ongoing development and support for the game to keep it fresh and engaging.

A suggestion to allow free world transfers to continue while preventing abuse of this feature in WvWvW. Offered in counter-point to ArenaNet's own attempt at a solution of limiting world transfers to once every 24 hours. This suggestion grew out of a realization that free world transfers with no limits are going a long way in helping promote and build the GW2 community, in my opinion. At the same time, the abuse of this feature in WvWvW must also be addressed. This is an attempt to reconcile both needs.

There's been a lot of discussion lately regarding overnight map flipping in WvWvW leading to insurmountable point advantages for the servers engaging in this behavior. This suggestion seeks to curb this in the interest of maintaining the "fun factor" and competitive spirit of WvWvW while still remaining fair to players across all time zones.

There have been a lot of complaints on the forums lately stemming from the nerfing of the Necromancer. This suggestion recommends a way to fix one of the problems - Death Shroud - in a way that prevents conferring permanent de facto invulnerability on a Necromancer while maintaining one of the hallmarks of the profession; survivability.

Growing out of a concern that the "Fear" condition has been too watered-down where Necromancers are concerned, I suggest a (balanced) means of restoring them to their rightful place as "Masters of Death (and Fear)".

A suggestion to permit players to customize the GW2 user interface similar to the customization options that were available in GW1.

A suggestion to allow players in WvWvW to build structures which will grant various utility to their team. Grew out of a realization that WvWvW plays very much like a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game (albeit in first-person perspective) but was missing a few elements; one of which was the ability to construct buildings.

A suggestion for permitting a team of players in WvWvW to summon a Champion to fight for their side for a short time. Delves into the details of implementing this mechanic; the resources required, how to summon a Champion, Champion abilities, limiters and balancers, and directing Champions towards targets.

After watching a recent August 2nd GW2 stress test video, I was dismayed to hear that the droplet effect on exiting a body of water may have been removed from the game. The cristicism being that it was blocking players' view of enemies as they exited the water. This is a plea to ArenaNet to reinstate the effect both for it's realism and the greater sense of immersion it grants the player. At a minimum, give players a toggle to turn this effect on or off in the Options panel, statisfying both camps.

A suggestion for using GW1's Jade Quarry - currently overrun by 'bots and leechers - as a test bed for an anti-botting/anti-leeching suggestion I made for GW2.

A suggestion for purchasing a construct which will permit players to set up "security cameras" and "spy cameras" in WvWvW. Plenty of balancers and limitations are suggested to prevent abuse.

A suggestion for adding additional mechanics to WvWvW offering alternative scoring methods, strategies, and tactics as well as increasing the depth of play. Written due to a concern that WvWvW is going to devolve into nothing more than zerg-mob-gate-assault after zerg-mob-gate-assault based on what I've seen in the beta weekend videos to date.

The Blind condition has a severe weakness in that it can easily be removed through a single activation of the spammable weapon slot #1 skill. This feedback post seeks to make the condition more effective. Contributors to the discussion page offer up even better suggestions than my own for redesigning this flawed condition.

After reading forums discussing the pros and cons of the Personal Story instances in GW2, a common thread evolved which criticizes the Personal Stories as too linear, too predictable, and leading to boredom because they can not be failed. I suggest adding bonus objectives to the Personal Story instances which can be failed; thus making their rewards more valuable. I also suggest a means for using these bonus objectives to further a character's development in the hope of improving the investment and connection players have with their characters.

This isn't a suggestion I made but rather a response on the discussion tab of Kuby8388's Brawling feedback page. However, since it was quite involved, I decided it warranted its own entry into the "My Suggestions" section.

A suggestion for adding a build-an-edifice scoring option to WvWvW. Grew out of an update to my Alternative Scoring in WvWvW suggestion until it finally warranted its own feedback post.

A suggestion for adding a true capture-the-flag scoring option to WvWvW. Grew out of an update to my Alternative Scoring in WvWvW suggestion until it finally warranted its own feedback post.

A suggestion for increasing the visibility of the coin rewards in the mail interface. Stems from viewing BWE #3 videos in which players were not aware they had received an award due to the low visibility of the text and icon representing the coins.

In viewing BWE #3 videos, players demonstrated they were not aware of the significance of the text, graphics, and icons of the the redesigned WvWvW interface. This is a suggestion to add some tool tips/pop-up info boxes to help explain the WvWvW interface to new players.

In viewing a BWE #3 video, a multiple choice math problem presented by a Data Mining Golem in Asura territory appears to be in error. This suggestion recommends a correction.

A suggestion for permitting players to save dye templates for their armor in GW2; similar to how players can currently save skill templates for their characters in GW1.

Per a Beta Weekend #1 video, a player demonstrated the ability to avoid damage from aquatic enemies by simply moving to the surface and treading water. This de facto invulnerability opens up the potential for abuse. This suggestion seeks to eliminate this loophole.

Suggested lore additions and texture changes to the Engineer's turrets and mines to make their aesthetics and mechanics more plausible within the historical and technological context of GW2. Evolved out of a contribution I made to the Engineer profession discussion page before it was moved to my talk page.

A suggestion for adding an "Escort-the-X" scoring option to WvWvW. Grew out of an update to my Alternative Scoring in WvWvW suggestion until it finally warranted its own feedback post.

Out of concern that the PvP "Finish Them (F)!" move will render the downed state mechanic useless, I suggest adding the ability for a downed player to interrupt a finishing move being used against them in a PvP setting.

After watching GW2 beta videos in which much confusion ensued and much time was wasted while friends and party members tried to locate one another or became lost, I'm suggesting adding a function to permit a player to automatically follow another player.

After reading the "Hey Bookah! Advice Column" that was part of Asura Week on the official site, I thought this would be a good addition to the actual game as both a fun diversion as well as potentially becoming a useful adjunct to in-game help.

As the title says, how to prevent 'bots and leechers from destroying PvP in GW2 by denying them the free rewards they came for. The discussion page delves deeper into the issue and has some excellent suggestions by other contributors on how to stop this plague.

A suggestion for adding a player-hunting scoring option to WvWvW. Grew out of an update to my Alternative Scoring in WvWvW suggestion until it finally warranted its own feedback post. It is a 100% voluntary choice on the part of any player to opt-in to this mini-game; it is not compulsory.

A suggestion to reward players Karma points for assisting and mentoring others in the game (but using very strict and quantifiably measurable conditions). The Karma points so awarded are also used to measure progress in a new title track named "Mentor". Counters to prevent Karma farming are included in the suggestion. The discussion page delves deeper into the topic with feedback from others and my responses.

A suggestion to remove enemy little red dots from the in-game compass to improve game immersion. Also discusses alternative means for enemy detection with emphasis on what can actually be seen in the main game window rather than an interface contrivance.

Inspired by Mcscamper's Rethinking Phantasms feedback post, I've suggested a means for redesigning the Phantasm skills to permit them a greater sense of impact and permanence as compared to the more cannon-fodder-y clones.

A suggestion for creating a Mini-golem Battlebot Tournament Arena complete with the ability of players to build their own fully-customizable Mini-golem Battlebot. Mini-golem Battlebots are then entered into the arena under player control where they battle to the death. Wins earn credits to repair and re-arm the Mini-golem Battlebots as well as increase standing in the tournament ladder. Higher ladders grant access to larger Mini-golem Battlebots as well as more weapons, armor, engines, and auxillary items. Win enough rounds and players even earn the reward to use their Mini-golem Battlebots as Mini Pets!

A suggestion to remove the ability of players to cross a body of water by simply jumping repeatedly across it.

A suggestion for allowing players to build wooden palisades as makeshift defensive structures in WvWvW.

Having watched a Guildcast which discussed the new WvWvW dungeon, a concern that surfaced for me is the dungeon's unique puzzles and traps will quickly lose their uniqueness after players have had some experience with them. Also, since players can take control of the traps within the dungeon to use against other enemy players, I see this leading to a situation in which veterans of the dungeon will have an unfair advantage over those who are new to it on account of having memorized the dungeon's layout and trap placement. My suggestion is to randomize the traps and puzzles of the dungeon (at least some of them) to avoid these pitfalls.

Inspired by Mcscamper's critique and suggested changes to the Mesmer profession-specific mechanic, Shatter, I created this feedback entry to address those same shortcomings identified in the original post.

When a player is considering a site on which to build a siege weapons, there is no indicator of the weapon's range. This could lead to frustration as players build a siege weapon only to discover - too late - that it is out of range of the intended target. This suggestion recommends centering a range indicator ring on a siege weapon's build site. Players can then judge if their siege weapon will be in range of the desired target or not. Furthermore, a cancellation option would be added to permit players to cancel siege weapon construction in favor of repositioning their build site.

Skills acquisition and development based on what and how skills are used rather than simply buying skills outright or earning them as part of a quest reward.

A suggestion for permitting Squad Commanders to type out standing orders in a dialog box accessible by any member of their squad. The intent is this acts as a quick and easy method for new members joining the squad to read the Squad Commander's basic strategy and tactical notes while at the same time freeing the Squad Commander from endlessly typing the same orders into Squad Chat each time a new member joins. See the discussion tab for an excellent addition made by another contributor.

A suggestion for extending a Squad Commander's default set of four map markers ("attack", "defend", "bring supply", and "rally") to include additional sets of map markers specific to each party within the squad. This permits the Squad Commander to issue not only global orders using the default set of map markers, but also issue orders to individual parties within the squad. This will grant the Squad Commander much more granular control of his or her squad as compared to having only a single set of map markers.

A suggestion for allowing parties to become members of a squad. These parties can then - optionally - be used to form a hierarchical command structure within the squad for those who wish to do so. The discussion page delves deeper into the subject and then branches out into exploring additional options for giving Squad Commanders more granular control of their squad.

Removing players from the list of eligible auto-targets in PvP and decreasing PvE enemy detection and aggro range if a player stands absolutely still and doesn't activate any skills. Opens up new strategies and tactics, especially in PvP. See the discussion page for even more excellent suggestions from contributors.

A suggestion to permit players to toggle off or on the monster strategy notes in GW2. The intent being to allow players who prefer to learn an enemy's strengths and weaknesses through combat experience be given the option to turn these notes off.

A suggestion to permit players in GW2 to save trait and attribute templates for rapidly switching favorite builds between battles.

A suggestion for scaling the effectiveness of traits with increasing player level. Grew from a concern over the necromancer trait, Parasitic Bond, after realizing it was becoming several orders of magnitude less effective with increasing level.

A suggestion for adding an Treasure Hunt scoring option to WvWvW. Grew out of an update to my Alternative Scoring in WvWvW suggestion until it finally warranted its own feedback post.

A suggestion to add player-customizable variations to the weapon skills to permit greater flexibility in matching the weapon skills to play style, build, and "feel".

Eliminating (or at least heavily modifying) map jumping to make players more a part of the game world around them. Also suggests a means for accomplishing dynamic world building within GW2. Discussion page delves even deeper into the potential pitfalls of the original suggestion as well as considers possible solutions to these identified shortcomings. Fair warning: it's a book! But the suggestion is fully examined from many angles and the discussion has (so far) been very civil. Worth the read if you have the time.

Some of My Discussion Contributions (for Guild Wars 2):[edit]