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Hard coded items still
Ascended herbs
Seeds Finished Herb
Gain Health Every Second Varietal Sesame Seed.png Varietal Sesame Seed Cultivated Sesame Seed.png Cultivated Sesame Seed:
-10% Incoming Damage Varietal Peppercorn Seed.png Varietal Peppercorn Seed: Cultivated Peppercorn.png Cultivated Peppercorn:
+10% Outgoing Healing Varietal Mint Seed.png Varietal Mint Seed: Cultivated Mint Leaf.png Cultivated Mint Leaf:
-20% Incoming Condi Duration Varietal Clove Seed.png Varietal Clove Seed: Cultivated Clove.png Cultivated Clove:
Steal Life on Crit Varietal Cilantro Seed.png Varietal Cilantro Seed: Cultivated Cilantro Leaf.png Cultivated Cilantro Leaf: