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What I Do[edit]

I am honestly a super noob when it comes to wiki'ing, but it is so incomplete I decided to do what I could.

Ideas/Things to Do[edit]

  • Create a database that shows weapon strength according to weapon type, level, and rarity
  • Create a category containing all Renown Heart NPC given recipes/all Renown Heart NPCs that give recipes
  • Create a category containing all Renown Heart NPC given materials (ingredients in bulk)/all Renown Heart NPCs that give materials (ingredients in bulk)
  • Develop a standard for sorting weapons into normal weapons and an equivalent to unique weapons in GW1; figure out what to do with this
  • learn how to use the wiki
  • Confirm images that were taken using the in-game preview, given the vast amount of preview glitches
  • Standardize the text and format of pages of similar topics (pearl weapon pages would have the exact same words except for a few replacements like "hammer" instead of "sword" or "longbow", orichalcum "dagger handle" instead of "sword handle", etc.) (due to disagreements in format preferences, this is unlikely to happen because I have like no power on wiki)
  • Separate the armor page into light, medium, and heavy pages
  • Standardize the completion of pages of similar topics (ex. the ____ core pages; they were horrible last time I looked at them, the info is practically the same for all of them it just has not been copied to the other pages)

What I've Done[edit]

  • Nothing
  • a few redirects, standardizations, info addition, a lot of links added/deleted

What I Need[edit]

Oh gosh where to begin...

  • A place to create a template that others can use to mold other pages (see my pearl weapon thing above) so if there are disagreements it can be on the template instead of slashing all the pages on the wiki...I'm super OCD about this stuff so yeah.
  • Time
  • Knowledge


lodestones= heavy, large
cores = heavy large
shards = medium, regular, large
fragments = regular, small, light
slivers= light, tiny, small