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Well, hello.
I'm Giga.
I'm back.
That was not the doctor, that was clarifying a previous point that I will not be as active as I once was before on previous occurrences.
I was a bureaucrat on GWiki, I am not one here.
I am a brony.

Other milleau[edit]

Still reading? Why?

  • I write pony fanfiction at [1].
  • I am in the Greater Brony Alliance guild (formerly 20% Cooler).
  • I pre-purchased the Collector's Edition.
  • I have a boyfriend now finally, he also plays GW2.
  • I have a twitter and a tumblr, but don't really update either of them. Ever.
  • Confound you, Dj Wintergreen!

Pointless Gallery[edit]

User Card Hero King Baldelbern.jpgUser Card Hero Ig Glitch1.jpgUser Card Hero Leeshie-glamour.jpgUser Card Hero Leeshie-lava.jpgUser Card Hero Moruphen-sleeping.jpg