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About Me[edit]

I am a lifetime gamer born, raised and currently living in Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand.

I am primarily a PC gamer but I also have an Xbox 360.

This is my wiki signature: Bluestone

My primary goal on the GW2 wiki is to provide information in a way that is logical and easy to follow from the perspective of a player (the target audience).

Guild Wars & Me[edit]

  • Blackgate is my homeworld.
  • These are the guilds I am a member of:
The Dark Hunters [TDH] (Blackgate) for general PvE and dungeons primarily during peak server hours.
The District Nudists [TDN] (Sorrows Furnace) to keep in touch with old friends from GW1.

I played vanilla GW1 but never moved on to the expansions, I can't remember the specifics but I think it was due to my financial situation at the time.

I had GW2 pre-purchased for me as a gift and it may be the best MMO I have ever played. The first game claiming to be innovative that actually delivers.

I was known as Jacan in GW1 which is now the name of my son. I was a part of The District Nudists [Nude] guild primarily using my Monk/Mesmer named Brother Jacan, my other characters followed a similar naming theme such as Warmaster Jacan etc.

My playstyle is PvX, meaning I participate in and enjoy all aspects of the game including sPvP, WvWvW, PvE, Dungeons, Crafting and Exploration.

I do get to spend quite a lot of time playing but I still consider myself a casual gamer because of my attitude and views regarding character progression.

Mediawiki & Me[edit]

Mediawiki (the wiki software used by GW2 wiki) is my favourite wiki software.

I have run private wikis using Mediawiki in the past, some for guilds and some for my personal use (locally hosted).

Just prior to GW2 I was playing Salem (an indie sandbox survival MMO from the creators of Haven and Hearth) and was a volunteer administrator on the Salem wiki until I stepped down to play GW2.

I am comfortable with mediawiki syntax and I hope to contribute in a significant way to the GW2 wiki.

GW2 Wiki Pages[edit]

Wiki Task List[edit]

  1. Familiarise myself with the wiki style/formatting so that I can begin contributing and cleaning up pages.
  2. Working through Weaponsmith adding missing pages and icons. Will probably move on to expand component pages after this.