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Note: This page is for users to propose changes for the Main Page. Admins will periodically check this page and copy any good suggestions as needed. The Main Page is a potential target for mass vandalism, however we want every user to contribute to every page.
Welcome to the official Guild Wars 2 wiki!
  • Please note that login details are shared between this wiki and the old one. Therefore, if you are registered at GWW, you may log in and begin editing straight away.
  • Scarce Guild Wars 2 information is currently available, so the wiki community is presently focused on starting up the wiki, and discussing policies and guidelines. For more information on getting involved with the Guild Wars 2 Wiki project, see the "how to help" page.
  • A list of wanted pages can be found here, and a list of short pages needing expansion can be found here.
  • You can see our sister site for the original Guild Wars games here.

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