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Starting Line-up

  1. Charr Guardian - Sword & Focus|Mace & Shield
  2. Norn Warrior - Sword & Axe|Axe & Sword

Back-up Dancers

Unsure about Elementalist or Mesmer... and Thief might take a hike.

Something about...[edit]

"Plans, plans, plans, all I do is make plans!"

Welcome to my user space!

Jace is a nickname I get called on a lot by my guildmates, I'll stick with BlakDoxa around here.~ Got interested in Guild Wars 2 when a guildmate talked about how awesome the original Guild Wars was. I picked it up and got hooked on and eventually came to learn about Guild Wars 2. I'm a "MUST HAVE ALL THE INFO" kind of guy and I'll use all of it to create and test all kinds of different builds and strategies out.