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Using SMW in trait infoboxes to generate "related traits" lists.

List of trait effects[edit]

  • Effects
    • Applies effect [boon/condition/other].
    • Converts condition to boon.
    • Converts boon to condition.
    • Removes boon from foe.
    • Removes condition from ally.
    • Improves effect duration [boon/condition/other].
    • Benefits from effect [boon/condition/other].
  • Skills
    • Reduces recharge [type/weapon/slot/specific].
    • Increases skill damage [weapon/type].
    • Increases skill duration [type].
    • Causes effect on skill use [weapon/type/specific].
    • Causes effect on critical hit [weapon].
    • Causes effect on block.
    • Causes effect on disable.
    • Causes effect on interrupt.
    • Special. (i.e. Eternal Spirit).
  • Stats
    • Grants attribute bonus.
    • Grants proportional attribute bonus.
    • Grants conditional attribute bonus.
    • Causes effect at health threshold [25/50/75/90].
    • Benefits from low endurance.
    • Benefits from adrenaline threshold. (warrior)
  • Special
    • Causes effect on dodge.
    • Causes effect passively.
    • Increases damage while downed.
    • Reduces falling damage.
    • Causes effect on falling damage.