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Degree [PhD]

Welcome to the Phantasy Degree [PhD] Page, it is currently under construction while I try to learn how wiki formatting works for things more complex than user boxes and pictures. We are a small guild focused on PvE specializing in crafting & economics. There may only be a few of us, but we will make the most of what we have. Most of our profiles are found on other forums, I'm the only one so far with a wiki account, which may or may not change. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in a quiet alternate guild when the larger guilds you're a part of are just too noisy.

Leader = Fairy Tail
Officer = Dragon Hart
Member = Mermaid Tier
The rank names are a little cheese I know, if anyone has any other fantasy based puns, I would love to hear them.

Allusir (Fairy Tail)
Zhiven (Fairy Tail)
Ekim the Great (Dragon Hart)
Dracosa (Dragon Hart)
Ehgit (Mermaid Tier)