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GW1 - Icyyy Blue & Amanda Angelkiss ; GW2 - Amanda Angelkiss
Icyyy Blue(Amanda Angelkiss is the younger sister of her) married Savione, the kings servant after her battles in Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North and securing her spot in the Hall of Heroes. As Savione decided to remain the kings servant, Icyyy, an elementalist, moved to Ebonhawke, not liking Kryta, as she was an Ascalonian and never trusted Kryta after the battles she had to face against them(the White Mantle.) The king, who learned of her greatness let her build a small home for her family within Ebonhawke. Icyyy and Savione had 2 sons, James(who we will get to his story later) and Nicholas, as Savione later died during the Foefire. Icyyy was left to raise their 1 year old son and their newborn son alone. She never remarried, as she felt her heart was with Savione. Her youngest son, Nicholas, became a elementalist like his mother, since she was his biggest supporter and whom he admired because of her greatness and victories. He later married Mhenlo and Cynn's(who was his mothers best friend) daughter, Elkea, as she was a monk, they battled enemies together, as they both joined the Ebonhawke army to protect their parents. Elkea fell pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Savione, named after his grandfather, who Nicholas new until the age of 3. They took care of little Savione, until he realized he was a necromancer, as Grenth, whom had been the God for Nicholas' mothers side(Icyyy) family since the beginning. They took Savione to the Underworld at the age of 12 to his grandmother(Icyyy) as she had passed 2 years earlier, to teach him the skills of necromancy, as she gained the skills through Grenth himself. Savione, at the age of 23 left the Underworld when Grenth said he had to close the Underworld because Dhuum had escaped and he needed to leave or he'd be stuck forever. Once, Savione left he realized his parents had died defending Ebonhawke and were battling Dhuum with his grandparents in the Underworld. He met with other soldiers who were leaving Ebonhawke for Kryta, though he refused to folllow, as he wanted to protect what his parents protected, he met Morrigan, a mesmer, whom he fell in love with. He didn't met up with Morrigan until he was 30, when she returned as orders of the King of Kryta. They fell in love all over again and married shortly after. Morrigan became pregnant soon after the marriage. Henry was born 9 months later,named after his mothers father whom was a merchant, growing up he was raised by nannies as his parents were fighting to protect him and Ebonhawke. His mother got killed when he was 9 by Kralkartorrik's minions, the Dragonbrand, and he promised himself he would avenge her death. By the time he was 13 he realized his power as an warrior, the first non-scholar in his family, both on his mothers and fathers side. He taught himself all the skills to be a powerful warrior, and by the age of 17 became apart of the Ebonhawke army. Henry met his future wife, Livia(named after her great-grandmother, the famed necromancer Livia, whom fought side Henry's great-grandmother Icyyy Blue) and they married 5 years later, him 22 and her 20. Both being young they decided to keep fighting with Ebonhawke until orders to return to the King of Kryta and help him with the White Mantle. They become apart of the Shining Blade and were spies for the last King of Kryta, spying on the White Mantle. Livia fell pregnant and gave birth in their home to a little girl, named after his great-grandmother's sister who died during the searing, Amanda Angelkiss. Shortly there after, the White Mantle figured out who they were and sought them out. When the White Mantle charged to their home, Livia hid their precious daughter who was only 1, and they then battled the White Mantle until they fell to them. A couple of Shining Blades went to the home to see why they lost contact with Henry and Livia and discovered their bodies, as they buried them and set the tombstones down, they spotted something in the corner of their eye, the little girl, whom the Shining Blade knew nothing about, but they knew that she was Henry and Livia's child as she had Henry's eyes and hair and the rest was that of Livia. They took her to the King and he gave her to the nobility family that could not carry a child of their own and they raised her to be strong and powerful as they knew who she was, but was told to never tell her as she was to find out on her own. She would later become an elementalist and learn the teaching in the nobility school. As she gets older she goes ventures out to Shaemoor, and thus the beginning of her carry on her famous biological family's legacy.