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NameLocated inEventLevelRace
Siegemaster LormarAscalon City RuinsKill Siegemaster Lormar14Ghost
Champion Stonecrag Ogre ChieftainCadem ForestCapture Stonecrag Kraal15Ogre
Champion GiantTown of NagelingDefeat the giant assaulting the Town of Nageling18Giant
Champion Chieftain KremlockHautclaire ValeDefend Sapper's Delve from ogres31Ogre
Champion Chief OtyughWildlin NarrowsDefeat Chief Otyugh34Ogre
Champion Wasp SoldierWarrior's CrownKill the giant wasps in the Ebonhawke Delegation35Insect
Branded Champion OgreVarim's RunBranded for Termination40Branded
Champion Ogre BeastmasterSoot RoadHelp Lieutenant Fynn and Kor the Warcaller assault Sootpan Kraal42Ogre
Champion Ogre ChieftainGastor GulletHelp Lieutenant Fynn and Kor the Warcaller's assault on the Behemian Grand Kraal43Ogre
Champion Branded Devourer QueenThe InfestationKill the Branded devourer queen59Branded


NameLocated inEventLevelRace
Champion AatxeGodslost SwampDefeat the shadow behemoth16Nightmare
Champion Toxic AminiViathan's ArmKill toxic Togatl to lure out the toxic alchemist22-24Hylek
Champion Enraged Spider QueenAlmuten EstatesDefeat the champion (Champion Enraged Spider Queen)30Spider
Champion Deep Sea SharkSorrowful SoundKill the Deep Sea Shark46Shark
Rampaging Jungle TrollRisewild HillsKill the rampaging jungle troll50Troll
Champion White Mantle Catapult EngineerHarvest CascadesDefend Noran's Homestead from White Mantle bombardment80Human
Champion Skritt Shiny GrabberSaidra's HavenStop the skritt from looting the SS Pinkeens's supplies80Skritt
Champion Karka Hive DefenderCaptain's RetreatClear the karka and their eggs to rebuild Camp Karka80Karka

Maguuma Jungle[edit]

NameLocated inEventLevelRace
Unseen HunterZinder SlopeProtect the Wyld Hunt party from the unseen hunter16Largos
Champion Malfunctioning GolemVenlin ValeDestroy the malfunctioning golem16Golem
Champion Steam OgreThaumanova ReactorDefeat the misplaced steam ogre18Steam creature
Champion Jungle TrollThundertroll SwampSlay the massive jungle troll63Troll
Destroyer-Essence GolemAshen WasteStop the rampaging Inquest golem65Golem
Champion FluffyBenthic Kelp BedsDefeat Aquabase Terror-Seven's massive pet, Fluffy68Fish

Shiverpeak Mountains[edit]

NameLocated inEventLevelRace
Champion Svanir MarauderSvanir's DomeKill the corrupted leader of the Sons of Svanir15Icebrood
Champion Enraged SpiderFionnghuala ScratchScratch Sentry Defense55Spider
Champion Undersea Ice WurmThe Sea of LamentationDefeat the champion (Champion Undersea Ice Wurm)77Wurm
Icebrood AtrocityThe Sea of LamentationDefeat the Icebrood Atrocity78Icebrood

Ruins of Orr[edit]

NameLocated inEventLevelRace
King RezaMelandru's ReliquaryReclaim Melandru's reliquary0Ghost
Champion Risen Hylek PetmasterMirror BayDefeat the undead hylek petmaster and his pet76Risen
Champion Risen LieutenantCathedral of ZephyrsProtect the Cathedral of Zephyrs79Risen
Champion Mark V GolemJinx IsleDestroy the Mark V Golem defending the Inquest gate79Golem
Champion Risen KingAzabe Qabar, the Royal TombsProtect Explorer Loana and defeat the Risen King80Risen
Champion Ooze KingCraven BlightDefeat the ooze king80Ooze

Maguuma Wastes[edit]

NameLocated inEventLevelRace
Dust MonsterProspect ValleyDefeat the dust monster!80Elemental
Champion Jungle TendrilCentral SilverwastesDefeat the Mordrem champion (Tendril)80Mordrem
Champion Mordrem Vile ThrasherNortheastern SilverwastesDefeat the Mordrem champion (Vile Thrasher)80Mordrem
Champion Mordrem Leeching ThrasherSoutheastern SilverwastesDefeat the Mordrem champion (Leeching Thrasher)80Mordrem
Champion Mordrem WolfThe SilverwastesDefeat the Mordrem champion (Mordrem Wolf)80-84Mordrem

Heart of Maguuma[edit]

NameLocated inEventLevelRace
Champion Tarnished SageTarir, the Forgotten CityDefeat the Tarnished Sage0Exalted
Champion Razorwing GuardEastwatch BluffDefeat Commander Razorwing and his guard80Tengu
Champion Spider Queen (Dragon's Stand)Wyvern ScarKill the spider queen80Spider
Champion Great Skelk RegurgitantTeku NuhochSlay the Great Skelk Regurgitant80Skelk
Champion Chak DriverChak StrongholdKill the enraged chak overlord80Chak
Ghostly Justiciar HablionFragmented WastesDefeat the spirit of Justiciar Hablion80Ghost

Crystal Desert[edit]

The Mists[edit]

NameLocated inEventLevelRace
Overgrown GrubEternal Battlegrounds80Grub
Champion Hylek TlamatiniEternal BattlegroundsDefeat the hostile hylek80Hylek
Champion Harpy WarriorOrgath Uplands80Harpy
Champion Arboreal SpiritSpeldan Clearcut80Ghost
Champion Tower LordWorld versus World81Norn
Champion Keep LordWorld versus World83Charr

Various locations[edit]

NameLocated inEventLevelRace
Champion FleshreaverGodslost Swamp
Gyre Rapids
Defeat the shadow behemoth
Defeat the champion fleshreaver
16, 56Fleshreaver
Champion Ice WurmSteelbrachen
Durmand Priory (location)
Defeat the champion (Champion Ice Wurm, Lornar's Pass)
Defeat the champion (Champion Ice Wurm, Dredgehaunt Cliffs)
31, 41Wurm
Champion EttinVenison Pass
Uncategorized Fractal
Defeat the champion (Champion Ettin)40Ettin
Champion Great Jungle Wurm LarvaChalldar Gorges
Dredgehat Isle
Firth of Revanion
Jelako Cliffrise
Sanguine Bay
Whisperwill Bogs
Wraithwalker Woods
Investigate the rumors of wurm activity on Jelako Beach
Investigate the rumors of wurm activity in Challdar Gorges
Investigate the rumors of wurm activity in Whisperwill Bogs
Champion Icebrood QuagganFrostwalk Tundra
Leopard's Tail Valley
Destroy the champion icebrood quaggan74-80Icebrood
Champion Commander SiegerazerEternal Battlegrounds
Blue Borderlands
Green Borderlands
Red Borderlands
Report to Commander Siegerazer80Charr
Champion Mordrem HuskSharp Valley
Dragon's Stand
Defeat the Mordrem champion (Mordrem Husk)80-83Mordrem