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Guild The Order Of Dii [Dii]
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Years active 6
Territory US and Europe
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members ~95
Guild Hall Frozen Isle{{UserLensor/guildboxhallinsert}}
VoIP Ventrilo
Forums The Order of Dii
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The Order of Dii was formed at the end of the Guild Wars World Preview Event, making it one of the longest-existing guilds in Guild Wars. Dii was created specifically for this event, and was made up of players acquainted with one another from a previous gaming community (one which you may already have discerned). The guild’s membership soon found themselves hooked on Guild Wars, and it was decided that the guild would continue on together from that point. Read the article on the Official Guild Wars web site here.

The Guild celebrated 6 years of existence on the 1st of November, 2010 (link to forum announcment).

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Philosophy and Current Status
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Dii's members are excited to move on to GW2, and many are working on finishing up titles, HoM, or elite areas. The Guild is still more PvE-focused, however it does have a number of active members interested and involved in PvP, including GvG.

Dii maintains a balanced outlook on playing Guild Wars, and although over time the main focus has shifted towards the PvE aspect of the game PvP is still a part of the guild's activities. Dii invites all of its members to participate in all aspects of the game, including joining the GvG team, so that everyone has a chance to experience the rush of a competitive match.

Dii does not have any specific activity requirements, but members who have not logged in for some time (several months) may be removed from the roster and in stead invited to a dedicated holding guild to make room for new recruits. Members removed from the roster for inactivity are still considered a part of the Dii family and are of course welcome back to Dii at any time should they get back into the game.

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The guild’s roster includes players from a variety of locales around the world. Despite their diverse backgrounds, members of Dii share a common respect not only for their guildmates, but for the Guild Wars community at large. As the guild has grown it has seen many changes, but its goals have remained the same. With this growth, Dii looks toward a future of making a greater name for themselves and earning recognition for that which is most important to them: having fun.

Meet some of the members of Dii!

Guild members active on the official GW Wiki may include the guild userbox on their Wiki user pages. Adding {{Guild:The Order Of Dii/Userbox}} to a user page will display the box as well as list the page in the [[:Category:Users in The Order Of Dii|Users in The Order Of Dii]] category.

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Recruitment and Code of Conduct
Recruitment details can be found here. The Order Of Dii is always looking for active, mature, polite players. If interested in a mutual trial, please post on the listed forum and/or contact an officer, and an invite will be sent to you.

As a member of the GWO Alliance of Friends the guild also adheres to the alliance charter and etiquette guidelines found here.

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Contact Information
Leader: Alaris Mystique

Public forum at GuildWars Online
Past leaders:

Other officers with a Wiki presence:
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