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Monday 18:15 UTC


{{UTC time|hh:mm}}

This template encapsulates the UTC time auto conversion mechanism. The specified time (in UTC) will be automatically converted to the user's timezone. This is performed by the JavaScript function autoConvertUTC() defined on MediaWiki:Common.js.


unnamed parameter 1
UTC time (hours and minutes). Is required to follow the specific format hh:mm or h:mm.


  • {{UTC time|12:00}}12:00
  • {{UTC time|17:30}}17:30

Examples that wrap around the next day (one of them should, depending on your local timezone):

  • {{UTC time|23:30}}23:30
  • {{UTC time|00:30}}00:30

Wrapping examples with a day name:

  • {{UTC time|Monday 23:30}}Monday 23:30
  • {{UTC time|Tuesday 00:30}}Tuesday 00:30

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