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This template replaces an image with another one when placing the mouse over it.


{{hover image|<image1>|<image2>}}
{{hover image|<image1>|<image2>|<size>}}


1 (unnamed parameter)
Default image shown. Exclude the "File:" prefix.
2 (unnamed parameter)
The hover image shown. Exclude the "File:" prefix.
3 ... 10 (unnamed parameters)
Allows additional information to be appended to each of the files per normal wiki image syntax, e.g. "250px", "thumb", "left", "right", "", "<Caption for hover image thumbnail>", etc.
The page that the images should link to when clicked.
The text that should be displayed when hovering over the image, if different to the link target.
Allows specification of additional html style rules that can be applied to the div around each of the images.


{{hover image|Diamond Reward Closed.png|Diamond Reward Open.png|250px}}
Diamond Reward Closed.png
Diamond Reward Open.png
{{hover image|Diamond Reward Closed.png|Diamond Reward Open.png|250px|thumb|Closed Chest|Opened Chest}}
Closed Chest
Opened Chest

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