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Daddicus first usages[edit]

I opened some of these today, but some of the items weren't in the list. I tried to add one the way I did it in the Buried Treasure page, but it didn't work (my name was what was supposed to be the last line of the list: T5 gem.)

Here's what I got:

  • 4 Pieces of Unidentified Gear (masterwork)
  • 2 Pieces of Rare Unidentified Gear (rare)
  • 1 Guardian Elemental Statue.
  • 2 Milling Stones
  • 1 Empyreal Fragment
  • 3 T5 gems (Opal, Beryl, and Ruby)
  • 1 T4 gem (coral)
  • 1 Black Diamond
  • 1 Congealed Putrescence

T5 gems not in the list?[edit]

I don't see T5 gems in the list. Only HoT and PoF gems. I received a total of five. Daddicus (talk) 01:40, 8 March 2019 (UTC)