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I made a small change to this article to indicate the state of suffrage in Kryta. According to a group of Citizen npcs in the Southwest corner of the upper ring of Divinty's Reach, the reason there are not many Ascalonian ministers is "The usual. No land, no vote". The preceding unsigned comment was added by Locadope (talkcontribs).

What you are refering is :
  • Citizen (A): What’s going on?
  • Citizen (B): Another ministry meeting. More wasted talk and taxes.
  • Citizen (A): Ever wonder why there aren’t more Ascalonian ministers?
  • Citizen (B): The usual. No land, no vote.
What it means is there are few Ascalonians because Ascalon is mostly reclaimed by Charrs. There's few remaining Ascalon lands owned by Humans. "No land, no vote" here means that Krytian ministers outnumber Ascalonians ministers. - The preceding unsigned comment was added by Rokdar (talkcontribs).