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Things this page needs[edit]

Content timeframes and how to access[edit]

This page, or the page about each episode, really needs to mention how to access the content in-game, and whether it is still available to players. (Just like holiday event pages do, with dates and such.)

Living World Season 1 Video[edit]

If you don't link those videos directly, I'll just leave the link here, the original was taken down due to some incorrect text. Tiavor (talk) 23:47, 4 January 2017 (UTC)

Feedback 2022/05/09[edit]

Isn't living world season 1 available in the game now? Isn't all existing seasons included now if you by the latest expansion?

Living World season one has not yet been fully reincorporated into the game. Only the first episode of what will be a five episode season has been re-released. The second episode will come out later this month, and the remainder will come out throughout the rest of the year.
All seasons are not free with the latest expansion. Each episode of each season is free if you play during it's individual release window. Otherwise you have to buy the episodes with gems. Season one is the only exception as it is free forever, even with only a free-to-play core account.