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For anyone who is dealing with Untethered being buggy, Dulfy's guide is more restrictive than what I had to do. I got mine by doing three things (maybe just the first two - can anyone confirm/deny the third?):

  • avoiding the vine whips on the way to the helix (yellow circles on the ground that turn into tendrils) - this is what the achievement actually asks you to do - instant disqualify if you get touched by a tendril
  • not getting downed at all from the start of the instance - tested... confirmed... many times - instant disqualify if you get downed at any point before the final combat with Faolain - use caution around snipers and the Mordrem Guard Desolator who will chase and attack you until one of you is dead - use stealth, death shroud, or any other ability to help you survive his relentless pursuit
  • avoiding the ground targeted attacks from the enemies you fight along the way up the helix - not sure if this helped or not, may not actually be required. I played it safe since Dulfy says to not get hit by anything on the spiral up to the helix, and advises to stealth past the mobs, but I got hit by a few ranged attacks and did not get disqualified, I just avoided the ones that light up with an orange cone on the ground, which may not have done anything one way or another after all

The achievement pops as soon as you hop onto the final platform with Faolain. If you didn't get it there, you are probably disqualified and have to restart - check your buffs for the achievement qualifier, and if it's gone, restart without wasting your time to fight her. User Rose Of Kali SIG.jpgRose Of Kali 04:18, 25 January 2016 (UTC) As of the 8th Feb 2016 you can achieve untethered whilst getting downed/killed in the lead up to the helix, and getting hit by the ground targetted on the helix. Removing the bug notice.