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A lot of the chat codes from today's patch (some missing):

Recipe: [&AgH/WwEA] - Recipe: Rune of the Pack [&AgEMXAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Force [&AgEOXAEA] - Recipe: Rune of the Afflicted [&AgETXAEA] - Recipe: Rune of the Dolyak [&AgEXXAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Intelligence [&AgEcXAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Debility [&AgEiXAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Geomancy [&AgEjXAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Bloodlust &AgEkXAEA] - Recipe: Enhanced Lucent Oil [&AgEoXAEA] - Recipe: Rune of the Flock [&AgEqXAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Restoration [&AgEvXAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Hobbling [&AgEzXAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Smoldering [&AgE3XAEA] - Recipe: Rune of Infiltration [&AgE5XAEA] - Recipe: Rune of Vampirism [&AgE7XAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Rage [&AgE+XAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Chilling [&AgFBXAEA] - Recipe: Rune of Divinity [&AgFCXAEA] - Recipe: Rune of Rata Sum [&AgFLXAEA] - Recipe: Rune of the Citadel [&AgFOXAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Peril [&AgFVXAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Life [&AgFYXAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Blood [&AgFjXAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Stamina [&AgFqXAEA] - Recipe: Rune of the Traveler [&AgF1XAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Perception [&AgF/XAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Battle [&AgGFXAEA] - Recipe: Rune of Rage [&AgGGXAEA] - Recipe: Rune of Mercy [&AgGFXAEA] - Recipe: Rune of Rage [&AgGGXAEA] - Recipe: Rune of Mercy [&AgGRXAEA] - Recipe: Rune of Strength [&AgGUXAEA] - Recipe: Potent Lucent Oil [&AgGbXAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Accuracy [&AgGeXAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Agony [&AgGhXAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Energy [&AgGiXAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Venom [&AgGmXAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Demons [&AgGnXAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Corruption [&AgGrXAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Nullification [&AgGtXAEA] - Recipe: Rune of the Grove [&AgGuXAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Hydromancy [&AgG1XAEA] - Recipe: Rune of Hoelbrak [&AgG2XAEA] - Recipe: Sigil of Purity [&AgG4XAEA] - Recipe: Rune of the Eagle Armour:

Heavy: [&AgEdXAEA] - Mistforged Glorious Hero's Plate Helm (Legendary) [&AgF5XAEA] - Mistforged Glorious Hero's Pauldrons (Legendary) [&AgFAXAEA] - Mistforged Glorious Hero's Breastplates (Legendary) [&AgEFXAEA] - Mistforged Glorious Hero's Gauntlets (Legendary) [&AgGkXAEA] - Mistforged Glorious Hero's Wargraves (Legendary) [&AgGyXAEA] - Mistforged Glorious Hero's Legplates (Legendary)

Medium: [&AgGSXAEA] - Mistforged Glorious Hero's Shoulderguards (Legendary) [&AgFfXAEA] - Mistforged Glorious Hero's Brigandine (Legendary) [&AgEuXAEA] - Mistforged Glorious Hero's Wristplates (Legendary) [&AgEGXAEA] - Mistforged Glorious Hero's Legguards (Legendary) [&AgGTXAEA] - Mistforged Glorious Hero's Shinplates (Legendary)

Light: [&AgGsXAEA] - Mistforged Glorious Hero's Crown (Legendary) [&AgFGXAEA] - Mistforged Glorious Hero's Epaulets (Legendary) [&AgFWXAEA] - Mistforged Glorious Hero's Raiments (Legendary) [&AgFPXAEA] - Mistforged Glorious Hero's Armguards (Legendary) [&AgENXAEA] - Mistforged Glorious Hero's Leggings (Legendary) [&AgGdXAEA] - Mistforged Glorious Hero's Footgear (Legendary) Material: [&AgEKXAEA] - Symbol of Control (Material) [&AgEPXAEA] - Charm of Brilliance (Material) [&AgERXAEA] - Mystic Aspect (Material) [&AgEtXAEA] - Mystic Mote (Material) [&AgE0XAEA] - Lucent Mote (Material) [&AgE1XAEA] - Symbol of Enhancement (Material) [&AgFeXAEA] - Symbol of Pain (Material) [&AgGAXAEA] - Charm of Skill (Material) [&AgGqXAEA] - Charm of Potence (Material) [&AgG3XAEA] - Pile of Lucent Crystal (Material) Food/Enhancement: [&AgEAXAEA] - Canned Rice Ball with "Lucky" Filling [&AgFFXAEA] - Enhanced Lucent Oil (Enhancement) [&AgFzXAEA] - Potent Lucent Oil (Enhancement) Misc: [&AgEHXAEA] - Illegible siege blueprint (trophy) [&AgEQXAEA] - Raven Helm [&AgFXXAEA] - Mistforged Glorious Victor's Armor Box [&AgFgXAEA] - Potion of Mist Rewards [&AgFvXAEA] - Battle-Hardened Kit [&AgF3XAEA] - Raven Mantle [&AgF8XAEA] - Rumour of Heroics (Trophy) [&AgGDXAEA] - Crystallized Tear (Trophy) [&AgGIXAEA] - Siege Commander's Fork (Trophy) [&AgGPXAEA] - Target Painter [&AgGoXAEA] - Desert King Throne

JugoUMC (talk) 20:10, 13 November 2018 (UTC)