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Level of Opener Limitations Claim[edit]

I believe this claim is flat out false. I've opened many PvP loot boxes with a L57 character specifically retained for opening various bags/boxes. For example, the contents of the last two Dredge Disaggregator Loot Boxes I opened with this L57 character produced: 1. L53 hvy mwk armor, scroll of knowledge, 3 dark stained claws (highest tier of junk claw), and L80 rare pistol (L80, not ~L50-57); 2. L56 hvy mwk armor, scroll of knowledge, 2 heavy miner's bags (highest tier of miner's bag). I kept a couple screenshots for the heck of it, but I can say unequivocally that level of opener does not guarantee a limitation of anything other than the main piece of gear and probably has no other bearing at all. This claim of level limitation is found on many of the PvP loot box pages and should probably be verified by some other industrious soul to determine if any/all should be excised as false information. Kruhljak (talk) 16:18, 1 June 2015 (UTC)