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2 definitely possible on one mine.

I would assume even 3 are possible if you are lucky.

I have been collecting mining data for various nodes. For over 528 swings on difluorite nodes I got 174 crystals and 1066 empyreal fragments, for an average of about 0.330 crystal and 2.01 empyreal per swing. With both guild hall gathering buff and banner buff 516 swings produced 171 crystals and 1027 empyreal, for an average of 0.331 crystal and 1.99 empyreal per swing. Thus, I believe that the chance is 33% to get a difluorite crystal and it is not influenced by gathering buffs. Average empyreal is likely 2, or an equal chance to get 1,2,or 3 empyreal frags. Thehipone (talk) 16:50, 13 June 2018 (UTC)

im useing taco and tekkits path for mining difluorite crystals. i think sandswept island is just not a popular map, i have never been able to see/get into an other instance of the map, i checked with /ip. 30. october i went there with my main char(r) to mine and i got 33. i went with alt and got 17. 31. october i got 37 on main and 8 on alt. is the daily limit maybe 50?

  • added later*: ok sorry, didnt read carefully enough. main page says: "limit per account, which is around 150 times mining". that divided by 3 would result in 50. so the 150 seems right.

Should we add a map showing potential spawns of that ore around the map or is it unnecessary? -- 12:11, 15 January 2019 (UTC)

(Please do add a map of the node locations. I came here looking for exactly that. Also, please delete this line after you have read it.)