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Listing for historical and power gaming reference:

Previously was 5 second base instead of 7. Master of misdirection multiplies this by 4/3 rds. Max condition duration boost by other means is +100% meaning double. Malicious Sorcery lowers cast time from 12 to 9.6 adding in the cast time, we get 12.6 seconds (point of reference for maintainability of confusion).

Previous max confusion duration applied was, 13.3 repeating 3. Current max is 18.6 repeating 6.

Previously you needed +90% duration boost for confusion to be equal to 12.6 seconds, all +100% if you take account for aftercast and average attention of player to recast. Now you'd only need 40% (or 35% if not taking account for after cast), or 65% without malicious sorcery to assist the player. 09:25, 2 February 2015 (UTC)