Scavenger Bag: Wood/Drop rate

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This page is for recording items received from the Scavenger Bag: Wood. The line totals, grand totals and overall percentages at the bottom are updated automatically based on the number of entries, and as such may not reflect the actual chance of receiving an item if multiple items are received each time.

Some boxes can give the user multiple amounts of a single item each time they are opened. If a player opens a single box and receives 3 of item A, and 1 of item C, then 1 would be added to the existing line count for both item A and C.

To add data, edit the page and copy the referenced new line format at the end of the table. If you already have a line, edit that instead.

Scavenger Bag: Wood Green Wood Log.png Soft Wood Log.png Seasoned Wood Log.png Hard Wood Log.png Elder Wood Log.png Ancient Wood Log.png Signature
User entries
32 3 1 4 4 18 2
77 9 9 9 5 43 2
468 62 54 39 41 244 28
577 74 64 52 50 305 32  
100% 12.82% 11.09% 9.01% 8.67% 52.86% 5.55%