Regurgitated Mass/Salvage research

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This page is for recording the items salvaged from Regurgitated Mass. Input the number of Regurgitated Mass you salvaged, the type of salvage kit you used, and the number of materials you received.

For the signature field, type three tildes, "~~~", as it will automatically form a signature upon saving the page. If do not have an account, it will show your IP address. If you wish to avoid having your IP address shown, or you wish to have a username, you should create an account.

Kits with the same salvage rates, such as Master's Salvage Kit and Mystic Salvage Kit, will be combined together in the footer.

In order to ensure accurate data, please make sure you have no existing materials in your inventory when you start, or make a note of how many you have and subtract that amount from your total amount.

Regurgitated Mass.png Silk Scrap.png Gossamer Scrap.png
Regurgitated Mass Silk Scrap Gossamer Scrap Type Signature
22 31 3 Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic Tumu (talk)
Basic / Disembler / Copper-Fed (10%) Salvage kit totals
22 31 3
Per salvage: 1.41 0.14
Global totals
22 31 3
Per salvage: 1.41 0.14