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This text property identifies the bonuses provided by a nourishment (food or utility) item.

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Apple Passion Fruit Pie#nourishment1 ++20 [[Healing Power|Healing]]<br>+10% [[Experience]] from Kills  +
Apple Pie#nourishment1 +Gain [[Health]] Every Second<br>+10% [[Experience]] from Kills  +
Apple Tart#nourishment1 +Gain [[Health]] Every Second<br>+10% [[Experience]] from Kills  +
Apprentice Maintenance Oil#nourishment1 +Gain [[Concentration]] Equal to 1% of Your [[Precision]]<br>+10% [[Experience]] from Kills  +
Apprentice Tuning Crystal#nourishment1 +Gain [[Condition Damage]] Equal to 1% of Your [[Precision]]<br>+10% [[Experience]] from Kills  +
Aquatic Elixir#nourishment1 +20% Chance to Gain [[Swiftness]] on [[Kill effect|Kill]]<br>+10% [[Experience]] from Kills  +
Artisan Maintenance Oil#nourishment1 +Gain [[Concentration]] Equal to 2% of Your [[Precision]]<br>Gain Concentration Equal to 2% of Your [[Healing Power]]<br>+10% [[Experience]] from Kills  +
Artisan Tuning Crystal#nourishment1 +Gain [[Condition Damage]] Equal to 2% of Your [[Precision]]<br>Gain Condition Damage Equal to 3% of Your [[Expertise]]<br>+10% [[Experience]] from Kills  +
Avocado Smoothie#nourishment1 ++80 [[Power]]<br>+60 [[Ferocity]]<br>+10% [[Experience]] from Kills  +
Bag of Simple Cat Food#nourishment1 ++30 Vitality<br>+10% Experience from Kills  +
Banana Cream Pie#nourishment1 +Gain [[Health]] Every Second<br>+10% [[Experience]] from Kills  +
Birthday Booster#nourishment1 +100% boost to [[Magic Find|magic find]], [[World Experience|WvW rank]] gain, [[experience]] from kills, and [[Coin|gold]] from kills. 10% bonus to PvP and WvW [[Reward track|reward track]] progress.  +
Bit of Enchanted Clam Bait#nourishment1 +-18% Incoming Damage while [[Stun]]ned, [[Knockdown|Knocked Down]], or [[Push|Knocked Back]]<br>-14% Incoming [[Condition Duration]]<br>+10% [[Experience]] from Kills  +
Blackberry Cookie#nourishment1 ++60 [[Healing Power|Healing]]<br>+50 [[Vitality]]<br>+10% [[Experience]] from Kills  +
Blackberry Pie#nourishment1 +40% Chance to [[Life steal|Steal Life]] on [[critical hit|Critical Hit]]<br>+50 [[Precision]]<br>+10% [[Experience]] from Kills  +
Blackened Fish Steak#nourishment1 ++30 [[Toughness]]<br>+10% [[Experience]] from Kills  +
Blessing Of Bear#nourishment1 ++20 [[Power]]<br>+10% [[Experience]] from Kills  +
Blessing of Azantil#nourishment1 ++60 [[Toughness]]<br>+50 [[Precision]]<br>+10% [[Experience]] from Kills  +
Blood Orange#nourishment1 ++100 [[Expertise]]<br>+70 [[Condition Damage]]<br>+10% [[Experience]] from Kills  +
Bloodstone Pot Pie#nourishment1 +Healing effectiveness is halved.  +
Blueberry Cookie#nourishment1 ++20 [[Healing Power|Healing]]<br>+10% [[Experience]] from Kills  +
Blueberry Muffin#nourishment1 ++20 [[Toughness]]<br>+10% [[Experience]] from Kills  +
Blueberry Pie#nourishment1 +20% Chance to [[Life stealing|Steal Life]] on [[critical hit|Critical Hit]]<br>+10% [[Experience]] from Kills  +
Blueberry Tart#nourishment1 +4% [[Magic Find]]<br>+10% [[Experience]] from Kills  +
Boiled Crawdad#nourishment1 ++50 [[Toughness]]<br>+40 [[Precision]]<br>+10% [[Experience]] from Kills  +