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Item Tokens were PvP crafting materials used in Mystic Forge recipes to decide the specific type of item crafted (one-handed sword, heavy chest piece etc). They could be bought directly from glory vendors for 200 glory. They were also sometimes produced when salvaging PvP rewards with a PvP Salvage Kit and could also be crafted at the mystic forge, by combining four PvP bags of the same size (for example, four 8-slot bags).

Armor tokens[edit]

Armor tokens
Light Medium Heavy
Iron Casque Casing.png Light Helm Token Iron Casque Casing.png Medium Helm Token Iron Casque Casing.png Heavy Helm Token
Wool Epaulet Padding.png Light Pauldron Token Wool Epaulet Padding.png Medium Pauldron Token Wool Epaulet Padding.png Heavy Pauldron Token
Iron Scale Chest Padding.png Light Coat Token Iron Scale Chest Padding.png Medium Coat Token Iron Scale Chest Padding.png Heavy Coat Token
Cotton Gloves Padding.png Light Gloves Token Cotton Gloves Padding.png Medium Gloves Token Cotton Gloves Padding.png Heavy Gloves Token
Iron Scale Legging Lining.png Light Leggings Token Iron Scale Legging Lining.png Medium Leggings Token Iron Scale Legging Lining.png Heavy Leggings Token
Hardened Boot Sole.png Light Boots Token Hardened Boot Sole.png Medium Boots Token Hardened Boot Sole.png Heavy Boots Token

Weapon tokens[edit]

Weapon tokens
One-handed Off-handed Two-handed Acquatic
Mithril Axe.png Axe Token Focus Token.png Focus Token Greatsword Token.png Greatsword Token Iron Spear Head.png Spear Token
Dagger Token.png Dagger Token Crude Warhorn.png Warhorn Token Bronze Hammer.png Hammer Token Harpoon Gun Token.png Harpoon Gun Token
Mace Token.png Mace Token Torch Token.png Torch Token Soft Wood Longbow.png Longbow Token Trident Token.png Trident Token
Pistol Token.png Pistol Token Shield.png Shield Token Fine Rifle.png Rifle Token
Scepter Token.png Scepter Token Soft Wood Short Bow.png Short Bow Token
Sword Token.png Sword Token Staff Token.png Staff Token

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