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The Living World Atlas was an interactive map containing art, audio, and videos from the Living World. It also contained hints for the final portion of Season 1 of the Living Story, Battle for Lion's Arch. The link to the atlas was removed from the on July 29th or 30th 2014, and the url turned into a redirect on July 31st 2014. Former url.

The latest version, here, is from 4:17:10 Jul 3, 2014 and does not render which seems to be due to the CDN files no longer being hosted and not being archived. The only difference observed between this version and the first version available on from 3:45:19 Mar 5, 2014 is an alteration to the New Relic analytics JavaScript. This is presumably possible because this page only loaded some JavaScript that actually rendered the whole user experience. The following is everything of note from viewing the source of the Jul 3, 2014 archived page.

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  • Description: Welcome to the Living World Atlas, the interactive Guild Wars 2 Living World site! Discover hidden secrets and unlock exclusive content!
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  • only <h1>: Welcome to the Living World Atlas, the interactive Guild Wars 2 Living World site! Discover hidden secrets and unlock exclusive content!
  • only <p>: Welcome to the Guild Wars 2 Living World Atlas, an interactive map where you can discover hidden secrets, exclusive hints, video, art, sound, and more! As you explore the Atlas, you'll glean wisdom from past events and gather knowledge of what the future holds in the constantly evolving world of Tyria.

Coordinate locations[edit]


The starting view displayed the whole world map. Using the magnifying lens-like tool zoomed in on a smaller area. After displaying a secret, it was added to a "photo album" and could be reviewed later. Secrets could be discovered by:

  • clicking on them using the mouse driven interface, through which coordinates could vary in reporting
  • entering specific coordinates via keyboard to go right to the secret
  • clicking on a URL containing coordinates, such as:,14916.613

Unknown subject[edit]

(added around February 18, 2014)
  • 11533, 11453
  • 11565, 11381

Battle for Lion's Arch[edit]

(added around February 25, 2014)
  • 15810, 15139 - An Assault Knight, one of Scarlet's towering clockwork creations, stalks the battlefield during the Battle for Lion's Arch.
  • 15866, 14048 - Aetherblade sky pirates raided the countryside at Scarlet's command during the catastrophic Lion's Arch campaign.
  • 15936, 15572 - Marjory, Kasmeer, Braham, Rox, and Rox's devourer Frostbite each did their part during the cataclysmic final battle against Scarlet's forces.
  • 16003, 15439 - The interior of Scarlet's massive airship drill as it relentlessly bores into the city of Lion's Arch. Art by Theo Prins.
  • 16149, 14443 - Adventurers of all races storm Lion's Arch in a desperate attempt to retake the city from Scarlet's forces. Art by Ruan Jia.
  • 16176, 14494 - Scarlet's massive airship drill inexorably bores into the Lion's Arch Harbor as part of her deadly master plan. Art by Theo Prins.
  • 16303, 14424 - audio
  • 16404, 15363 - Scarlet's airship drills deep into the earth beneath Lion's arch as the city burns.'
  • 16549, 16152 - The mighty norn captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed lost his eye during the fierce fighting with Scarlet's forces in Lion's Arch.
(as reported around February 25, 2014)
  • 15863, 14052
  • 16300, 14423 - audio
  • 16300, 14425
  • 16548, 16157

Battle for Lion's Arch Aftermath[edit]

(added around March 18, 2014)
  • 15458, 14916
  • 15802, 15329
  • 15932, 15379
  • 16004, 14880 - audio
  • 16044, 14687
  • 16129, 15007
  • 16287, 15091
  • 16312, 14932
  • 16641, 15368
  • 16745, 14606 - audio
(These captions are not necessarily in the same order as the list of coordinates.)
  • A memorial to those citizens of Lion's Arch who lost their lives when Scarlet's forces suddenly attacked the city.
  • Desperate citizens have posted the names of missing friends and loved ones in the aftermath of Scarlet's attack.
  • Famed throughout Tyria, the Black Lion Trading Company is now a crumbled ruin in the wake of the devastating Battle for Lion's Arch.'
  • From all across Tyria heroes came to save the besieged city of Lion's Arch. Some paid the ultimate price, as this monument attests.
  • Scarlet's massive airship drill Breachmaker bores into the major ley line in Sanctum Harbor.
  • The citizens of Lion's Arch must begin the long and painful reconstruction of their shattered city now that the threat of Scarlet Briar has passed. Art by Naomi Baker.
  • The proud Fort Marriner, which once guarded the city, now lies in ruins after the Battle for Lion's Arch.'
  • Wreckage of Scarlet's airship lies scattered around the signature twin lion statues of old Lion's Arch, a grim reminder of the cataclysmic change the city recently endured.
(as reported around March 18, 2014)
  • 15458, 14915
  • 15745, 14604
  • 15802, 15327
  • 15929, 15378
  • 16005, 14878
  • 16044, 14685
  • 16640, 15365
  • 16126, 15007
  • 16312, 14930